On October 15, several volunteers helped fill flood buckets destined for the islands of St. Croix, St. Thomas, St. John, and Dominica in response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria. The buckets contain trash bags, air freshener, cleaner, scouring pads, sponges, towels, dust masks, gloves, and other products. The Columbia Union led the effort by asking conferences to help fill 2,000 buckets for hurricane survivors. Chesapeake committed to 500 buckets but ended up filling many more. The efforts by every volunteer were truly amazing. After a short introduction to the process, volunteers went on auto-pilot, yet they shifted attention when necessary to keep the production line moving. They filled, stacked, and wrapped close to 250 buckets an hour.

Churches throughout the conference provided financial help, as well as in-kind donations. On Sunday, members from multiple churches assisted in the bucket assembly, as well the WATER team from Washington Adventist University, and the Anne Arundel Chamber of Commerce. The buckets will be on their way to the islands Wednesday. Please pray for those receiving and distributing the buckets. Thanks to all who participated in this activity.

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After a lot of work, ACS DR has identified a 110,000 square foot warehouse for donations management in Texas. In the near-term, it will be managed by people from their union and conferences with the help of local volunteers. There is also a Distribution Center run by Adventists in Harris County, Texas. We submitted some names for assistance, but they have all the help they can handle right now. Finally, the Columbia Union finished putting together over 10,000 personal care kits. They will be picked up in Pennsylvania tomorrow or Tuesday and sent to the Distribution Center.

The Columbia Union is also sending teams who are trained in Assisting Individuals and or Groups (ICISF).They will continue to send teams over the next couple months.

The Southern Union and Florida Conference are preparing for response to Irma. I don't have details on the response at this time.

For those interested in volunteer opportunities, please visit the link below and register.


ACS DR, including the NAD and Texas Conference, are working with the Federal and State governments to identify one or more warehouses to manage donations for Hurricane Harvey relief. Additionally, ACS DR is sending people to Texas who are training in Crisis Care. One team was sent a week ago. At least two more teams are in the queue to provide emotional care and support for those in need. Each team will be in Texas for two weeks. The Chesapeake Conference has trained individuals, as well, and names have been provided to the Union. We will have many more trained individuals as Crisis Care training is being offered at the end of this month.