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Bystander intervention is a family of easy-to-use, nonviolent principles and tactics that anyone can use to de-escalate incidents of hate speech and harassment, particularly incidents in which a member of a minority community is targeted in a public space.

We can think of bystander intervention as a basic set of skills that everyone should learn, just as we all learn how to tie our shoes or drive a car.

This web site is a sister site to the Bystander Intervention blog. Resources are on this site, while occasional news updates are on the blog. We also have a short FAQ.

QUICK START 1: Print and post Maeril's one-page illustrated sheet, "What to do if you are witnessing Islamaphobic harassment".

QUICK START 2: Hollaback offers online (webinar) bystander trainings nearly every week - you can sign up here.

QUICK START 3: Watch a few of the videos on the resources page.


Our list of US-based organizations that offer bystander intervention training is below. As of July 2017 we're just starting to populate the list, so it will grow over time. To be listed, an organization must clearly indicate on its web site or via its scheduled events that it offers Bystander Intervention as one of its programs, or we must have received direct confirmation from a staff member that the organization offers Bystander Intervention training to the public.

Although many college campuses offer intervention classes to students, and other organizations offer antibullying programs aimed at youth, the focus here is on organizations that are prepared to offer Bystander Intervention training to any group of adults interested in learning this crucial skillset.

If you want to view only the spreadsheet displayed below and nothing else, here's the link to the sheet.

To add your organization to the list below, please fill out our simple web form and we'll be in touch to verify.

Organizations that offer in-person Bystander Intervention training - USA

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