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2018 ISKF Eastern Canada Canada Fall Camp Nov 9-11 2018

On Remembrance Day weekend the Halifax Dojo hosted special guest David Jones, 8th dan at the 2018 ISKF Eastern Canada Fall Camp . Instructors for the weekend from left to right:

  • Sensei Andy Allen Bedford West Shotokan Karate
  • Sensei Tony Tam Halifax ISKF
  • Sensei David Jones ISKF Calgary
  • Sensei Daniel Tam Halifax ISKF
  • Sensei Paul Gareau Dartmouth ISKF

Sensei Dave Jones was presented with a framed copy of the event's promotional poster designed by BWSK's Kiara White.

Practical Karate Seminar with Iain Abernethy Sept 29 & 30, 2018

Koryu Unchinadi Seminar with Hanchi Patrick McCarthy Sept 21 & 22, 2018

Koryu Uchinadi Seminar with Geoff MacDonald Dec 17 2017

Kyu Grading Nov 27 2017

Congrats to 13 BWSK members who successfully passed their recent grading. Well deserved!

Back: Sebastian 5th kyu, Alex 6th kyu, Will 7th kyu, Ryan, Andy, Jake, Oliver 7th kyu, Yanna 7th kyu.

Front: Connor 8th kyu, Jessica 5th kyu, Perrin 4th kyu, Tia 7th kyu, Jessica 5th kyu, Gabby 2nd kyu, Soomin 7th kyu, Patricia 3rd kyu.

2017 ISKF NS Goodwill Tournament May 25 2017

BWSK students performed well the Nov 25 2017 Goodwill tournament in Halifax!

White-Orange 17+

Soomin Ahn GOLD kata

Yanna Tsesryk SILVER kata, BRONZE Kumite

Will Appleby SILVER kumite

Oliver Cail BRONZE kata

Green-Purple 17+

Patricia Borja GOLD kata, GOLD kumite

Jessica Hu SILVER kumite

Perrin MacMullin BRONZE kata


Gabby Jones SILVER kata

Jen Bell BRONZE kata

BLACK youth 16-17

Dawson Allen SILVER kata, SILVER kumite

Dojo Pictures

Congrats Matt Johnson on your promotion to Shodan!

Congratulations Mara, on your promotion to Shodan!

Duha's last class in Canada

Successful kyu test for BWSK students. Jan 2017

2016 ISKF World Championships. Cape Town, South Africa

TJ Grant Seminar at Bushido Kai October 2016

2015 ISKF Canadian National Championships. Quebec City.

Master Camp 2011. Green Lane Pennsylvania