Always Sustainably Harvested

BWSFA seaweed is sustainably cultivated in the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea; off the shores of southern Belize in Central America. It is hand-harvested from farms in the wild and carefully processed using purified spring water, natural sunlight, tested for quality control and registered for traceability. Our seaweed is of the highest quality; free of heavy metals, toxins and full of nutrients and minerals.

We purchase quality seaweed from our members, train and employ underprivileged men, women and “at risk” youth to farm, process and create value added products that we offer to our local and international markets along with other local seaweed products through our branding of (value chain, marketing channel).

The seaweed is cultivated from the clean, clear, tropical waters located 18 miles off the coast of Placencia. Starting from the basics, we here at BWSFA are currently offering 3 main products, namely:

Dried Seaweed

Our whole dried seaweed is processed the way it has been for generations: using no electricity, and no chemicals. Dried on the beach, under the Caribbean sun, our seaweed gives new meaning to the word “sustainable".

Seaweed Gel

A unique addition to any beauty product or home cooked meal, seaweed gel is similar to agar-agar, but with more of the Eucheuma’s natural vitamins and minerals still left in tact.

Seaweed Powder

Hand-ground from our dried seaweed, our seaweed powder allows for simpler addition to any home-cook’s repertoire. Easily replacing gelatin in any recipe in need of thickening, seaweed powder makes it easy to slip the nutritional bounty of the ocean into your family’s dishes.