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For Immediate Release                                     Contact: Karen Gardner


Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee

Sets Candidate Screening Meeting Date



Bernardsville, NJ   February 13, 2023

The Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee has scheduled its candidate screening meeting for March 15, 2023 at 7:00 PM. The Committee will be screening candidates to fill two Borough Council seats that are up for election this November. The BRMC will endorse a Republican candidate for each of these positions at this meeting.

The names of the endorsed candidates will be forwarded to the Chairman of the Somerset County Republican Organization for inclusion on the ballot in the upcoming June Primary Election.

BRMC Chairwoman Karen Gardner said, “We seek individuals who are dedicated team players and will work hard to keep our municipal tax burden low while delivering greater services to the residents. The BRMC continues to search for candidates that are ‘in touch’ with our community and strive to deliver on the needs of Bernardsville.” The BRMC is reaching out to registered Republican Bernardsville residents who are interested in screening for these important positions. If you are interested in screening on March 15, please contact Chairwoman Karen Gardner at

The Bernardsville Republican Municipal Committee members promote the political philosophy of the Republican Party, assist in the election of qualified Republican candidates for public office, and provide for an active Republican voice in local, county and federal governments.   


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