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Mission Statement

Buy Local, Grow Local is an online directory that:

1) Promotes locally owned and operated businesses that emphasize sustainability and/or social responsibility in their business practice. (Buy Local)

2) Encourages the growing of food locally by residents and farms. (Grow Local)

Buy Local, Grow Local is built upon these principles:

1) Revenue that stays in the community and provides a multiplier effect for our region.

2) Resilience in the face of climate disasters that impact food production and global supply lines.

3) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from long distance transport.

4) Reduction of white supremacy through socially responsible business practices

To be listed on our website, see our Requirements, and use this Registration FormThrough Buy Local, Grow Local we can build community by working together for a stronger and more financially secure Capital Region.

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Build Community

By working together as a community we can acquire the ability to recover from and adjust to misfortunes in this climate challenged environment.

Renewable Sources of Energy

We must reduce our green-house gas emissions by 40% by 2030 as authorized in the NYS Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

Local Prosperity

Think! before you shop at a Big Box store.  For every $100 spent locally, $68 stays in the community. - Forbes.

Victory Gardens

Healthy affordable food grown locally in backyards and community gardens improves food security and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. 

Our fundraiser is over but we would be pleased to accept a donation at any time.  Thank you