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How to Make Money Out of Bitcoin in Canada

Years ago when bitcoins were still being introduced to the globe, the value of each coin would have depended on what an individual was willing to pay. Back then it wasn’t unheard of for the currency to change hands for the equivalent of just a few GBP, AUD, or USD – but these days, and with the demand increasing as the limit of 21 million bitcoins draws ever-closer, the value of each coin has gone up and up.

Investing in bitcoin in Canada

One of the most effective ways to make money out of bitcoin is by purchasing them at a reduced cost and then reselling them on for profit. Some people choose to do this within a lesser time scale, while others may choose to invest for the long term. It all depends on the types of profits that the individual would like to see – as well as any risk factors involved.

As some countries don’t accept bitcoin as a legal tender, using them within those regions can often result in fines or financial losses,. However, you can buy and sell Bitcoin in Canada without an issue. Fortunately, and because of the digital nature of these coins, they can still be traded within the wider community. There’s no guarantee that the coins will be valuable in the future – but what is certain is that research has discovered that as the amount of bitcoins in circulation draw closer to their cap of 21 million; their demand has increased.

And as with all types of supply and demand, the greater the need for the coins, the more valuable they can be to those that own them. These days it’s entirely possible to trade bitcoins for physical currencies worth £1000 - and this amount is expected to increase drastically over the course of the next century.

Why only the next century?

With 15 million bitcoins currently circulating around the world and only 6 million left to be mined, the presence of the coins will certainly be more significant than it was previously – but those with them will have something that others don’t; the bitcoins themselves. By 2140 the last bitcoin is expected to be created and made available for circulation.

And by this time, those that haven’t sold on their share could stand to make a substantial profit. Of course the likelihood of anyone in a position to purchase bitcoins living for a further 100 years is all but impossible – but with research proving that the value of the coins going up every couple of years; now could be an excellent time to invest in them, keep them safe for the next decade and then sell them on when their value has skyrocketed.