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A panic attack is a sudden affair of severe fear that triggers intense physical reactions when there is no actual danger or apparent reason. Panic attacks can be very fearful and problematic. When it occurs, you might imagine you are losing control, having chronic pain or even dying.

Numerous people have just one or two panic attacks throughout their lifetime, and the issue goes away when a tense or traumatic situation ends. But, if you are getting it recurrently, sudden panic attacks and spent a long time in continuous fear of another attack, you may be in a medical condition called panic disorder.

Panic attacks may not be life-threatening, but they can be frightening and notably impact your quality of life. Taking Alko 1mg tablet can be an effective treatment.

So why is Alko 1 MG effective against panic attacks or stressful situations? Here is your answer-

The effect of the medicine can be seen within 15-30 of the administration of drug’s dose. Though before taking this medicine you should consult your doctor. When you are taking this drug, ensure you are not onto alcohol uses as it can give an increased risk of serious adverse effect.

For better results take this medicine with or without foods. It is never good to take larger amounts than prescribed. In case you are experiencing some difficulty with the drug administration, consult your doctor.

Alko 1mg tablet helps control the diseases caused by the extreme activity of neurotransmitters present in the brain and enlarged excitability of the central nervous system.

What precautions do you need to take while administering this medicine?

If you experience pain in the stomach after taking the tablets, then here it is better to take the tablet after food. Otherwise, it may reduce the effect of active components.

It is not appropriate for people who are under 18 year, pregnant women, or patients having a severe depressive disorder and so on.

Where you can buy this drug?

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