Information on planned walks and recent ones

Below are walks planned for the near future and on the next page are some recent walk that were done.

Bridges valley Mount Field detailed below

Boronia Moor see below

Beatties Tarn to Seagers Lookout - see below

Mount Field East Circuit

Monday 11 February

I think the preferred option for the Mount Field East circuit walk is to start on the Lake Nicholls track, passing picturesque lakes as it ascends through forest to the alpine heathland of Windy Moor. Hopefully it will include a visit to Beatties Tarn before the ascent past Lake Rayner to the plateau. This last part does cross a boulder field but it isn't far. Beyond lies Mount Field East with an optional climb to the top.

The remainder of the walk crosses the moor which has now been boardwalked before descending to Lake Fenton. The final bit is along the Old Pack Track to the carpark.

It is not certain that the alpine area will be open, in which case a new venue will be chosen. After this long dry spell, there are showers predicted, and it would hard to grumble about the land getting some moisture,

Boronia Moor

Tuesday 26 February

Follow track from Lake Fenton to the delightful Kangaroo Moor then climb through forest up to Boronia Moor. The moor is reasonably large with much tea tree. It includes a huge snow gum and will be interesting to see how it is going.

To get to Boronia Moor it is some 600 metres of quite scrubby country with a height gain of about 70-80 metres. It takes about 1:30 hours to this point. The plan is to explore this area 25 hectares and then hopefully pick an alternative route down in the direction of Wombat Moor. This bit of country is quite unknown, but it contains native pines. If the going looks too unreasonable we will retrace the inward route, otherwise once reaching Wombat Moor it runs down to Lake Fenton and the shoreline can be followed back to the start. Old hand drawn maps indicate a track there and it would be nice to see if any still exists.


Below at top Boronia Moor with teatree in flower below bottom Large snowgum on Boronia Moor

Tea trees in flower Boronia Moor

Trunk of gum Boronia Moor 1998

Mount Bridges Pine Forest

Possibly 26 February.

This is a variation to the usual Tarn Shelf walk as it leaves the main shelf to cross a saddle to the prominent peak overlooking Lake Seal. There is also a fault line that can be entered for a close up view.

The walk does involve a bit of a trudge up to the Mawson Plateau .

From Lake Dobson the good quality track follows the shoreline before climbing gently on the Urquhart Track to meet the jeep road. This 4wd track is not the ideal way to get to the alpine area of Mount Field, but at the moment is the only way up from this area. A walking track leaves this near a ski lodge and meets a boardwalk that goes most of the way to a junction with the Tarn Shelf Track. The undulating track along the shelf is followed to Johnson Tarn and from there it is a pads down to a saddle then we take to the valley edge where there is small and at this point reasonably easy ground. Beyond is a large pine forest and since spotting it from the edge on the opposite side I have been keen to go and look. Alan tells me it is reasonable going all the way. Lake Webster is 1 k further down the valley and it may just be possible to exit that way.

Photos of the pine forest

Beatties Tarn to Seagers Lookout

Chris would like to walk from Beatties Tran to Seagers Lookout and I did recall seeing an old map that actually had a marked route/track between them. See the image below

I would like to have a go at the route too, so hopefully we can arrange one

Beatties Tarn