17-18 March 2018

Back in Abbotsford, Burnaby skaters had some excellent performances at the Canada West Championships - every skater finished in the top 10 in their age group, led by Katherine Wagner (3rd in T2T 12) and strong performances by Hana Hoffman (4th in T2T 14), Anya Liu (5th in T2T 12), Michael Oetomo (5th in T2T 12) and Katherine Brynjolfson (10th in T2T 13)

3-4 March 2018

Twenty club skaters competed at the BC Short Track Championships in Abbortsford. Highlights were many with medal winners:

Gold: Cormac Chui (Neo Senior B), Katherine Wagner (T2T 12), and Zak Sharp (L2T B)

Silver: Anya Liu (T2T 12), Ally Hoffmann (L2T A)

Bronze: Bryan Leon (Junior B) and Katherine Brynjolfson (T2T 13)

Iron: Michael Oetomo (T2T 12), Gabrielle Oetomo (L2T A), and Nora Wagner (L2T B)

Hao Chen Lu, Kim Reid and Mike Hagen also won gold medals in the Competitive for Life division.

In the process, Ally Hoffman, Katherine Brynjolfson, Hana Hoffman,Anya Liu, Michael Oetomo, broke multiple club records between them.

Based on their results, Katherine Wagner, Anya Liu, Katherine Brynjolfson, Hana Hoffman and Michael Oetomo were selected for the BC team for the Canada West Championships.

23-24 February 2018

Six Burnaby skaters skated at the BC Winter Games: Katherine Wagner, Anya Liu, Kate Brynjolfson, Michael Oetomo and Hugo Zhou in the Under 14 age group and Hana Hoffman in the Under 16 age group. Katherine Wagner led the way in finishing 3rd overall in her age group, with top 10 finishes by Anya (8), Hana (9)

and Michael (9).

12 February 2018

Taking advantage of Family Day, Coach Sophie organized a fun day of events for all skaters, including those who do not normally race. As part of the day, club masters participated in the inaugral North American Virtual Short Track Masters Time Trial Challenge: Well done to Kim Reid who finished 1st in her age group (along with the fastest 1500m skated by any female skater in any age group), and Karen Doolan, Malcolm Kennett and Mike Hagen, who all finished 2nd in their age groups.

10 February 2018

Twenty Burnaby skaters participated in the Sardis Relay Challenge, the last interclub before the provincial championships. There were some strong performances with Gabrielle Oetomo leading the way with a club record in the 200m and Andy Wong setting personal bests in all four of his races. There were also multiple relays for most skaters, a less common feature on an interclub programme and good practice before BC Winter Games.

2-4 February 2018

A large contingent of Burnaby skaters (Hana Hoffman, Chris Poljer-So, Cormac Chui, Anton Shekhter, Teunis Takemori, and Bryan Leon) participated in the WEC #3 meet ("Winterfest") in Calgary. Hana and Cormac set club records in the 500m and 1000m events. In the overall standings, Hana finished 27th on the women's side and on the men's side, there were some great results with Chris (7th), Cormac (11th), Anton (24th), Teunis (30th) and Bryan (37th). Also in action in long track was Kiersten Hagen at Canada Cup #3 in Fort St. John, with a 3rd place in the Women's 3000m.

20-21 January 2018

This weekend saw skaters split between long track and short track. The long track skaters headed up to Fort St. John for the BC Long Track Championships where Gold medals were won by Nora Wagner, Ally Hoffman, and Kim Reid and Silver medals by Katherine Wagner and Andy Wong. Hana Hofmann and Katherine Wagner both set club records at the meet. The short track skaters were down in Richmond for the V-Rrooom Challenge IV, with club records for

Michael Oetomo and Katherine Brynjolfson. Other skaters with very good days were Cormac Chui who won all of his races, and Malcolm Kennett and David Zhu who set personal bests in all five of their races.

13 January 2018

Short track racing in 2018 started with our own interclub meet, which ran very smoothly thanks to the efforts of all the on and off ice volunteers. Many skaters also had a successful day of racing including some highly entertaining relay races. Club records fell left, right and centre with Katherine Wagner (3 club records), Hana Hoffman (4 club records), Michael Oetomo (2 club records) and Wilton Vo (2 club records) all setting new marks. Wilton and Hana also managed personal bests in all of their races. Other skaters with personal bests in all their races were Nicolas Ballen, Paulina Davdova, Kilyan Le Bihan, Eliana Leon, David Zhu and Shannon Curley. Wilton, Cormac Chui, Andy Wong and Eily Kennett won all of their races.

4-6 January 2018

Kiersten Hagen and Anders Johnson kicked off racing for the year at the Canada Cup #2 in Calgary, with Kiersten setting two club records and Anders setting four club records and five personal bests.

15-17 December 2017

We had four skaters competing in the WEC #2 meet in Richmond: Hana Hoffman, Chris Poljer-So, Teunis Takemori, and Bryan Leon. Hana set two club records

on the way to finishing 16th overall, and Chris, Teunis and Bryan finished 6th, 14th and 16th overall. Also at Richmond from 16-17 December, six of our skaters were competing in the Western T2T meet. Michael Oetomo, Hugo Zhou, Alex Lim and Katherine Brynjolfson all set personal bests, and Katherine Wagner finished first overall in her division, with Anya Liu and Katherin Brynjolfson finishing 4th in their divisions.

1-3 December 2017

As well as the jingling of bells, there was jingling of medals at the Jingle Bell Cup, hosted by the Ridge Meadows club. The 16 Burnaby skaters picked up eight medals, with Hana Hoffman, Kim Reid and Hugo Zhou collecting gold in their divisions and Cormac Chui, Katherine Wagner and Katherine Brynjolfson collecting silver medals. Elye Sharp had three personal bests and Katherine Wagner and Michael Oetomo both set club records. Meanwhile, in long-track, Anders Johnson set five personal bests and three club records in the Canada Cup #1 at St. Foy.

17-19 November 2017

We had 27 skaters in action at the Poco Interclub, which also doubled as the Zone 4 BC Winter Games selections. Congratulations to Michael Oetomo, Katherine Wagner and Anya Liu who won spots on the Zone 4 team to BCWG. All three skaters had three personal bests on the day and Katherine set three club records. The rest of the club's skaters also had good days with Hana Hoffman, Nikola Rebic, Aras Tran and Brian Mi all setting four personal bests and Hana picking up a club record. Three Burnaby skaters were in action at the Can Am International long track meet in Calgary, Kiersten Hagen, Anders Johnson and Chris Poljer-So all set four personal bests and all three picked up club records.

2-5 November 2017

We had 26 skaters in action at the Fraser Valley Challenge in Matsqui on November 5th. Well done to Hana Hoffman and Gabrielle Oetomo who set personal best in all five of their races and to Heath Kennett who won all five of his races. Hana and Katherine Wagner also both set club records. Also in action at the Senior Open National Qualifier from 2-5 November were Chris Poljer-So and Cormac Chui. Chris set a personal best and club record in the 1000m. Chris and Cormac placed 25th and 53rd respectively.

19-21 October 2017

We had 16 skaters competing in the Langley Interclub who set 27 personal bests. Congratulations to Manuela and Nicolas Ballen who set personal bests in all of their races, with Nicolas winning all four of his races, and to Hana Hoffman and Katherine Wagner who both set club records at two different distances. Meanwhile in Calgary, Kiersten Hagen set a personal best in the Oval International long-track meet.

14 October 2017

The season kicked off for our L2T, FunD and Active Start skaters who had a blast at the Burnaby Mini-Meet. It was the first meet for many of the 28 Burnaby skaters, who managed a very impressive 77 personal bests. Congratulations to Brennan Leung who set 3 club records. Thanks to all the volunteers who allowed the event to run so smoothly.

29 September - 1 October 2017

Racing started for our elite skaters at the Western Elite Circuit #1 ("Oktoberfest") in Calgary with Chris Poljer-So, Cormac Chui, Anton Shekhter and Bryan Leon in action. Cormac and Chris set club records in the 500m and Chris finished 9th overall.