Rules & Refunds

RULES #1-10

With the exception of these rules, FIFA rules will be followed.

It is the responsibility of the player & referee to review and understand the rules. If you have a question regarding the rules, please see your Team Rep/Executive.

Rule #1

Fees must be paid in full prior to receiving a uniform and to play. If a player does not pay, you can not play. 

Rule #2

All players must be 24 years of age before the end of the playing season.

All new players must supply proof of age, upon request.

Rule #3

BLSL Teams will be selected by the executive using a RANDOM DRAW and balanced through all available ratings. 1st year players may request to play with someone they know in the league.  Requests made to have returning player’s put together on one team for whatever reason will be reviewed by the executive on a case by case basis.

Rule #4

There will be NO trades made in the teams once they have been selected and equalized.

A waiting list will be maintained and vacated player positions will be replaced with similar caliber players as they become available. New players will be replaced on the first team requiring that caliber of player.

Rule #5 

There must be seven (7) players to field a team.

10 minutes will be allowed after official start time before de-faulting the game.

Halves may be shortened due to darkness at referee’s discretion.

Rule #6 

Replacement players may be added at any time during the regular season up to the 2nd last game. No players can be added strictly for playoffs.

Rule #7 

Executives and team reps will ensure equal playing time for all players.

Rule #8 

All players must wear club supplied soccer jersey for each game including the goalkeeper. Shin guards must be worn. Turf or soccer shoes are the only acceptable footwear. No metal cleats are allowed.

Jerseys must be returned to the coach or team rep at the end of the season.

Rule #9 

Slide Tackles & Dangerous Play is Prohibited: In the event that a player/goalie slide tackles or commits a dangerous play towards another player, a yellow card will be issued and a free kick will be awarded. If the slide tackle or dangerous play takes place in the penalty area, a penalty kick will be awarded.

Slides: A goalie can slide in an attempt to make a save - however, NOT feet first towards another player. Any slide feet first toward a player is a slide tackle, which this league has zero tolerance for.

A goalie can slide with her body to save a ball, which is legal if: 1) not feet first at another player, and 2) she actually makes contact with the ball. If a goalie slides to make a save (not feet first), but slides into a player and doesn't touch the ball, this is also a slide tackle. A player can slide to save a ball from going in the net only if no other players are in the position to play the ball (any other slide by a player will be considered a slide tackle and carded).

Rule #10 

All braces must be padded and covered. Any glasses worn must be shatter-proof and have elastic around them to prevent them from falling off.

No jewellery, including all piercing jewellery, fitbit style bands, fitness tracker rubber wristbands, or plastic barrettes may to be worn. If a piece of jewellery cannot be removed it may be taped. (Fitbit style bands, watches, rubber wristbands cannot be taped)

Please see the referee & your team rep before the game to have them inspect the jewellery and taping or you may risk no play.

Team Reps and Referee’s will be working together to enforce this.

RULES #11-20

Rule #11 

When a player goes down and causes a stoppage in play, the player must go off the field.  A substitute can be brought in to replace the player. The player can be substituted back in to play at the next allowable substitution. 

The only player exception to this rule is the goal keeper. If a substitute player is not available, the player who went off the field may be substituted back on to play if deemed safe and appropriate via the referee and team rep.

Rule #12 

In the event a team does not have a goalie, each player will be required to take a rotation in net.

Rule #13 

Team substitutions are allowed only for the following:

Rule #14 

The referee will have the final decision to call a game in the event of darkness or poor weather conditions.

Rule #15 

Ten (10) minutes of play past the second half constitutes an official game.

Rule #16 

If a game is called prior to playing time, coaches or teams reps are to notify players. Otherwise, players are to attend regardless of weather conditions.

Rule #17 

If a game is called prior to playing time, coaches or teams reps are to notify players. Otherwise, players are to attend regardless of weather conditions.

Rule #18

In the event two teams are tied in the standings at the end of regular-season play, winner will be decided by goal differential (GF/GA). If still tied, the winner will be based on head-to-head league competition.

 Note: For Round Robin if two teams are tied at the end of all 3 games played, winner will be determined by GF/GA in Round Robin Play. If still tied, will go the GF/GA regular season and if still tied, a coin toss will determine who goes through to the semi-final.

Rule #19

Abandoned round-robin games: If ten minutes or more of the second half has been played, the score will stand (no replay). If a game is abandoned due to inclement weather, with less than 10 minutes of the second half played, the game will be replayed whenever possible. After this option, a winner we be based on head-to-head competition during league play.

Rule #20

When less than 3 games (all 6 teams) are cancelled, the games must be rescheduled by the team executive’s, using the Monday night of the next long weekend. It is the team reps/executive’s responsibility to book the fields. If a team can't make the Monday night of the next long weekend make-up game, they forfeit the game.

Rules #21-23

Rule #21 

If tied at the end of a game that requires a winner (semi-final and final games) the following format will apply:

The goalie and first 5 penalty kickers for each team must be on the field at the end of the second death half.

Rule #22 

Addressing Issues to the referee and other executive during a game. It is reasonable to say that issues do come up frequently and that they need to be addressed if possible, at the field during the game.

In the event that an executive, player or referee has an issue about a certain play or situation then the issue can be discussed with both executive and referee present either at half time or at the end of the game, whichever is deemed appropriate.

Rule #23

Players who are pregnant are not permitted to play. There are no exceptions.


please note: 

All teams will be provided with a medical kit to include ice packs, bandages, gauze etc, as deemed necessary for the safety of an injured player during a game (prior to medical assistance).