Burlington Library

Here are some of the fun ways the students got to extend the stories we read-aloud during each library class. Click on the links, dance along, and let your child retell the story they learned!

After reading this story aloud, we drew ourselves as Superheroes and also danced to a Superhero song.

After reading The Day you Begin, we played a game called 'Just Like Me' to find common interests among the students. They also wrote three of their own unique characteristics.

An activity the Functional Life Skills class worked on after this read-aloud was to retell the story with picture blocks while listening and watching The Napping House song.

After reading aloud, we sang the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom song and learned the alphabet in American Sign Language.


After reading this hilarious, interactive book, we listened to the '20 Dogs' song and talked about pets the kids have at home.


The fourth and fifth graders were fascinated to learn about the life of Mary Walker. We read a biographical book based on the life of Mary, who is the oldest recorded student to learn to read. We also listened to the author speak and inspire us as we learned she dreamed of becoming an author in 5th grade after learning about Mary Walker's story!

We celebrated International Dot Day by reading the story, listening to The Dot song by Emily Arrow and using a dot sticker as the beginning of fabulously creative art pieces that the students made.