The BEA is the sole bargaining representative for over 400 preschool, elementary, middle school and high school teachers, specialists, counselors, school psychologists, special education faculty, curriculum coordinators, and school nurses who work to provide the best possible public education for the students of Burlington, MA. The Burlington Public Schools include an integrated preschool, four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school which serve over 3,700 students.

What are the BENEFITS of being a member of the BEA?

  • The opportunity to bargain collectively and support one another as colleagues.

  • Having a voice in collective bargaining, salary scales, and working conditions.

  • Having a clear understanding of the expectations of our respective roles.

  • Being part of a group that works to build morale and which ensures equity and job parity.

  • Long-term job security.

  • Meeting and collaborating with people from all schools within the district.

  • Legal representation if needed.

  • Advice and support if things go wrong.

What resources do BEA members have access to?

  • Legal representation and licensure help when needed.

  • Professional development opportunities with others from across the state and country.

  • Building representatives who can answer questions and ensure members' contractual rights are being honored.

  • Access to MTA benefits (including discounts and insurance).

  • The means to ensure that the district is following the contract.

Meet the BEA Executive Board:

President: Sean Musselman

Vice President: Sarah Visocchi

Treasurer: Arshad Khan

Secretary: Stephanie Diozzi

PR&R* At Large: Ashley Parent

BECC Rep: Lisa Bottiglio

BHS Reps: Joyce Carey, Sarah Eshelman, Bonnie Nichols, Gloria Wojtaszek

BHS PR&R: Stephanie Fishel, Rachel Gould

Fox Hill Rep: Lauren Carpenter

Fox Hill PR&R: Erin O'Donnell

Francis Wyman Reps: Carrie Casey, TBD

Francis Wyman PR&R: Neil Rebelo

MSMS Reps: Christine Evans, Alice Kramer, John Walsh

MSMS PR&R: Chris Kingston, Gabriella Mirabella

Memorial Rep: Lauren Kippenberger

Memorial PR&R: Crystal Panagiatopoulos

Pine Glen Reps: Chrissy Sheppard

Pine Glen PR&R: Jenn Agati

*Professional rights and responsibilities