About Us

Bulldog Trash Valet started based on an idea: people don't like trash, but we do. Our business is as simple as that. From Sunday through Thursday our collection agents will go door to door and pick up everyone's trash.

While we are a new business, we have ample experience in the trash valet field and will apply our innovative approach on every property we valet. From providing larger bins to having two collection agents per property each night, we ensure that every property is handled with sincerity and care.

Our top priority is cleanliness and hygiene. We know that it is hard to keep dumpsters and the surrounding area trash free, so we take it upon ourselves to clean it for you. We provide larger bins than other trash valet services so they won't overflow, leaving trash hanging around everyone's door. Nobody likes coming home to smelly trash bags. We are extremely careful with a pandemic floating around. So you will always see us wearing masks and gloves, and staying socially distant.

We pride ourselves in being a small business that cares about his customers. We love meeting people and we are always available to listen to people's suggestions and criticisms. Give us a call or shoot us an email and lets get started making your community a cleaner and more convenient place to live.