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About Us

Husband and wife team, Tyler and Jacquie began dating in 2018 and quickly fell for each other. Tyler works inside sales for a wholesale water treatment company and Jacquie is a French teacher. We were supposed to get married during the summer of 2020 but got a little sidetracked. 

During our quarantine, we decided to try some gardening. Tyler's mom (Adele) wanted a raised garden bed, and off we went! Jacquie's mom (Rhona) wanted space to garden in her apartment for her balcony and small space. We sold to immediate family and friends. The business picked up! We are now making charcuterie boards, cutting boards, wine racks, hat racks, shoe racks, and more! We are a made to order business where we can work together to get the perfect wood products for your home. 

We are overwhelmed with support and feedback. We are really excited to share our projects and products with you, that are going to last! 

- Co-Founders: Jacquie and Tyler Matheson

A Family Business

Jeremy Young (brother of Jacqueline) and his wife Kaitlin joined the team as marketing, design and social media experts creating the logos, posters and website for BBB!

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