Building Blocks

An English Teacher's Resource for Literacy Instruction

The English Inspectorate, Ministry of Education, Israel

Dear English Teacher,

Reading is the key to academic success ... and being able to read in English is vital for learners of English as a foreign language. In Israel today, far too many elementary and Junior High school students have not yet mastered the basic rudiments of reading in English.

Building Blocks is a national program initiated by the English Inspectorate in October 2018. It aims to provide you, dear teachers, with basic knowledge regarding the acquisition of key literacy skills and to suggest ways to apply them to your classroom.

On this website, you will find:

  • inspiring academic articles and studies
  • diagnostic tests for both elementary and JH levels, including teachers' guides and results templates
  • a playlist of carefully selected clips for teachers
  • a separate playlist of clips for students' viewing both in class and at home
  • useful digital and non-digital teaching resources and materials

We hope you find this site helpful. You are invited to send us any additional materials you think would help other teachers who browse this site.

We welcome your input and your feedback at

Best of luck,

The Building Blocks' Team