Building Inspection Council


Building Inspection

A building inspection is a process to assess the condition of the property. It reveals all the major and minor defects in the building. The inspection is carried out by a qualified building inspector with extensive knowledge of the building acts and practices. Once the inspection is complete, the client is provided with a report. The report contains a list of minor, major and fatal issues in the building.

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Pest Inspection

Almost 30% of houses in Australia are infested with live termite problem. Termite can seriously damage your property leading to an expensive repair. An unattended termite and pest can cause serious structural damage in the building. It can leave your house unsafe for living.

A pest inspection scan your property for present and future risk of the termite.

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Building and Pest Inspection

When you want to combine building inspection and pest inspection, it saves you money and time. The inspection provides information about building and pest issues in the property. Inspector along with building defect scans the house for any present and potential termite threat.

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Pre-purchase Building Inspection

A pre-purchase building inspection is an inspection of the property before finalizing the deal. The inspection is done either before the exchange of the contract or after the exchange of the contract. In the latter case, a subject to building inspection is inserted into the contract.

The pre-purchase building inspection protects the buyer from the surprises in form of house defects.

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