Date: 12th December (Thursday), Time: 7 pm PST ~ 2 hrs

Room 202-204, West Level 2, Vancouver Convention Centre


Our target audience is participants at the UG/MS level. The main focus is to provide a relaxing but interactive environment after a busy conference day. We will intermix mentors & participants to foster diverse perspectives, and provoke chats that may define future careers. This can be an excellent platform to shape the thoughts of upcoming generation of AI researchers.

Planned Sessions

Brainstorming: Round 1 (Subject Groups), Round 2 (Eclectic Groups)

  • Round 1: Expert-directed chats (ex. Emerging trends in an area, how to succeed/sought-after skills etc).

  • Round 2: Groups will be assigned debate topic (Multi-disciplinary ex. AI4Good or Best-practices).

Milind Tambe

Google AI (India), Harvard (CRCS)

Katie Bouman

CalTech (CMS)

Anima Anandkumar

CalTech, Nvidia

Bill Freeman


Oriol Vinyals

DeepMind (Google Brain)

Martha White

University of Alberta (AMII)

Ashish Kapoor

Microsoft Research (Redmond)

Pulkit Agrawal


Stefan Lee

Oregon State University

Kurt Keutzer

UC Berkeley (BAIR)

Josh Tenenbaum


Kohei Hayashi

Preferred Networks (Japan)

Anna Bethke

Intel AI Labs

Manuela Veloso

CMU (MLD), J.P. Morgan AI

Moustapha Cissé

Google AI (Africa), AIMS-AMMI

Ming-Yu Liu

NVIDIA Research

Prateek Jain

Microsoft Research (India)

Tom Goldstein

University of Maryland

"Science World..."
Engel Ching / Alamy Stock Photo-Eydaem

Prabhu Pradhan Indian Instite of Science - IISc Bangalore, India @IIT Genoa Italy @MPI-IS (EI)

Nasreen Mohsin Research Assistant SFU- Simon Fraser University, Canada

Srishti Yadav Graduate Student, Simon Fraser Univ. (SFU), Canada @WiML 2019

Meenakshi Sarkar
PhD Candidate, Indian Institute of Science (IISc Bangalore), India


  • Prateek Yadav, IISc Bangalore/LinkedIn

  • Ishan Khurjekar PhD, University of Florida

Shahab Aslani Visiting Researcher, Simon Fraser Univ. (SFU), Canada. @IIT Genoa, Italy