The Principal is Missing


- After you have created your teams, you’re ready to start the timer. Once the timer has started, teams aren’t allowed to pause or change the time. Teachers, you may adjust the time if needed.

- Make sure you go over EVERYTHING on the homepage. There are pages linked at the top of the homepage.

- Teams are allowed only ONE FREE HINT. After that, every time you have to give them a hint, the team will lose 3 minutes off the clock. (This can vary.)

- Take notes as you go through the activities. This will help you when entering codes for the locks.

- If the answer is incorrect on the Google Form, the response is “STILL LOCKED!” Then, try again to enter the correct code.

It's the first day of school. All of the students have gathered in the auditorium to listen to the principal give the opening announcements. The students and teachers wait and wait but the principal never walks on stage. The secretary tells some teachers that the principal is missing! No one knows where she is. It's your job to break open the locks by solving the puzzles to locate the principal. Below, you will see different places to look. As you click on each location, you will be directed to solve puzzles or problems to receive a clue. The clues will be typed on the Google Form™. Good luck in locating the principal so you'll have a great year!