Bethesda Tempe Apostolic Church

Christian Education Department

The goal of the Christian Education Department is to teach true principles of God's word and to find innovative ways to become and remain relevant as we grow in the Lord.


To provide an in-depth study and knowledge of God's Word based on the Apostolic Doctrine and principles.


To instill in our constituents a desire to share God’s Word with others both in-house and in our community by way of classroom as well as by social media and zoom.


To join in with other auxiliaries in activities that will assist in promoting God's Word and growth in the church.


Bishop Craig S. High

Senior Pastor & Associate Pastor for Christian Education

Minister Shawauna Horne

Director, Adults Department

Sis. Shari Patterson

Director, Juniors Department

Sis. Yvette Smith

Director, Special Events

Sis. Rosie Day

Administrative Director

Deacon Todd E. Cook


Evangelist Michelle Arnold

Assistant Treasurer

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