Eagle Project Path

Navigating Your Eagle Project until Court of Honor

Created by Nickolas B., Eagle Class of 2015


  • Ask a scouter to be your Project Coach
  • Decide on who you want to help
  • Talk to the organization’s representative about:
    • Food supplement
    • Extract amount of space or quantity you will need to complete for your project
    • Necessary tools, supplies and/ or materials
    • Financial expenses for your project
    • Any potential training
  • Use the information in the previous step to complete the Project Proposal
  • Set up meetings with:
    • Scoutmaster
    • Committee Chairperson
    • Council Representative
    • Project Coach
  • Using feedback from the people in the previous step, use the changes and transfer them into the Final Plan found in the Eagle Project Application
  • Place a signup and announce your project to the troop and make sure to inform them of potential tools they need to bring to your project. On the signup sheets you will need to at least include their names, tools they are bringing and contact information (phone number and/or email address)
  • Send an email out via the Scoutmaster or Committee Chairperson to the troop to let those not at the meeting know of your project
  • If you need more work hours for the project, go door to door asking neighbors if they would come and/or ask other family members and friends to come help.
  • Using a road map of the area, find the entrance(s) and potential intersecting roads. Then make directional signs with arrows to direct people to your project.

First Day of the Project

  • Before your project, go along the road, the project is on and place signs at the predesignated locations.
  • Walk around your project’s work area and take Before Project pictures for the Project Report.
  • When the project volunteers arrive, divide them into their job assignments and set out sign-up sheets for people to sign in and out
  • Complete the project. Make sure you go from group to group making sure they are properly completing their given task. Also give mainly positive feedback and when criticism is needed make sure you give feedback about how to improve.
  • Clean up all tools, materials, supplies and anything left over by the volunteers or you.
  • If you feel necessary remove the signs before you leave and if you have more than one day save the signs for the following day(s).

After the Project

  • Using the sign-in/out sheets, calculate the amount of hours by Scouts, Scouters and other adult and youth and you.
  • Insert that information into the Project Report
  • Set aside supporting documents, Project Proposal, Final Plan, and Project Report
  • Ask the following a person in the following areas to write you a letter of recommendation and send it to the Eagle Advancement Coordinator (Bartel):
  • Complete all requirements and insert them into the Eagle Scout Application
  • Complete your Scoutmaster Conference.
  • Get the supporting documents, Project Proposal, Final Plan, Project Report, Your Ambitions Statement and Eagle Scout Application
  • A Statement of Ambition is what you plan to do in your future from anything from academic, work, scouts, etc.
  • Organize them into a neat fashion OR place them in paper protectors into a binder
  • Send a scanned copy of the Eagle Application, Eagle Service Project Workbook, and a statement of Ambition to Carol.King@scouting.org; ALL EMAILS MUST HAVE A DELIVERY AND READ RECEIPT
  • If any issues are found it will be sent back to you with the necessary changes needed to be made
  • Once it is verified, it will be sent back to the original email address and CC'ed to Mr. Beozzo and a phone call will be made to you
  • Dr. Bartel will be contacted and will exchange information and schedule the Board of Review. Make sure that there is no unreasonable wait for references or your Board of Review might be postponed.
  • Prior to the Board of Review, give Dr. Bartel a hard copy of your Eagle Notebook to share with the board members
  • Complete your Board of Review

Post Board of Review

  • The materials that you send to Carol King will be returned to you. Then deliver the Eagle Scout Application and the materials given to you by either in person or in the mail to Carol King in Flag Plaza. Make sure to keep a copy of your notebook for your records in case of damage or loss.
  • Verification will be signed on the original application and forwarded to the Scout Executive for the final signature.
  • After the Scout Executive signs the application and, the application will be put on file until credentials arrive from the National Office.
  • Download the questions for the Court of Honor at https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6YmTaDYJw0iMDBmdE5BZzFyM3M. Then submit to the Eagle Advancement Chair at least 1 month prior to the December or June Court of Honor.
  • Complete Court of Honor

Updated from LHC from 13 December 2016