What is the Scouts BSA Program?

The traditional Scouting program, Scouts BSA is where youth develop outdoor survival skills, self-confidence, and ethics through youth planned activities with increased attention to service, community engagement, and leadership.

What Will I Do in Scouts BSA?

Scouts BSA is where youth explore their interests and develop skills by participating in outdoor activities like hiking, camping, and canoeing. Scouts earn merit badges along the journey and work towards achieving Scouting’s highest rank—Eagle Scout.

Who Runs Scouts BSA?

Elected youth lead their troop and run the meetings at the guidance of the Scoutmaster and other adult leaders. Unlike Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA is a youth program planned mainly by the Scouts, not the parents.

Why Should I Join Scouts BSA?

Scouts BSA prepares youth to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling the values of the Scout Oath and Law. Throughout their time in Scouting, Scouts learn the value of hard work and experience the thrill of seeing it pay off.

Youth Registration

We're thrilled that you are joining us! For your convenience, we've included several required forms below. Please visit the hyperlink, print the completed documents, and bring them to the next meeting. For questions, please get in touch with Troop Registrar Karen Messinger.

This form is a fillable PDF. Please complete and then print. (If Scout is transferring, please provide a BSA ID.)

All Scouts must have parts A and B1 & B2. Part C is required if attending a high adventure trip and/or any trip longer than 72 hours (including summer camp.)This form is a fillable PDF. Please complete and then print. NOTE: Keep a copy of the medical form for your records. For your privacy, please do not transmit this form via email.

This document includes space to collect contact info for a second parent/guardian and other additional information to ensure the Scout's safety and success. This data is shared only with the registrar and the two Scoutmasters and will be discussed with parents as necessary. (For example, if a Scout is on the Autism Spectrum, the Scoutmasters will talk to a parent to learn about their triggers, coping mechanisms, etc.) Scoutmasters will share this information with key leaders to help the Scout succeed as appropriate.

Troop Dues and Fees

$75/year ($6.25/month) (no fee for the rest of the calendar year for Scouts transferring from another unit)

$25 for brand-new Scouts

$5/month for dues

Checks can be made payable to BSA Troop 196

Additional Fees:

Scouts and adults pay for the food purchased for camp-outs and direct costs for activities.