Ockanickon 2018

Summer Camp at Ockanickon in Bucks County June 17-24, 2018

It will take about 1 hr, 20 mins to get to summer camp. Scouts will call parents 30 mins before arriving at TPH.

Here is your packing list for Ockanickon

You should have already given your Medical Forms to Mrs Blake, or have a plan to do so.

All Campers staying longer than 72 hours must have the Part C signed by a Physician

Look at the Prerequisites for Merit Badges at Camp.


Troop will front the incidental costs that some Badges require (supplies or building kits). We will get the

money from Scouts later via the Scout Account or direct pay after Camp. Some Badges (shotgun)

for example, allow for purchase of extra rounds for use by Scouts during 'Open' range times outside MB Sessions.

That sort of thing would be paid for by Scouts from spending money sent with them for the week.

Departure will be Sunday June 25, 2017 from the East end parking lot of the K Mart at West Goshen.

Details to follow.

What You Should Bring

Shopping lists: Snacks, Candy, treats.

Must Haves: CLOSED TOE shoes for any lake activity or Climbing (id est: boating, or paddle boarding); LONG pants for climbing;

  • Sunscreen - Lets get away from the sprays please
  • A water bottle
  • A rain jacket
  • A plastic trash bag or two in case of rain
  • A light string sack or backpack for daily circuits walking around camp
  • A Swimsuit
  • Otherwise, just pack a couple pairs of shorts, socks and t shirts for the week
  • A sleeping bag
  • Remember, we sleep in Adirondacks
  • I think $20-25 is plenty, but I'm cheap. Scoutmaster will have a couple of dollars to loan if somebody gets in a jam. Please let's not have Scouts lending money to other Scouts, or Scouts mooching from other Scouts. It only complicates stuff.

We have four adults going full time, all week. (Mr Grey, Mr Gavin, Mr Redmond, Mr Z Hirs) Others are welcome. Get to us if you want to come part of the week. We'll need some drivers on both ends. Get to us if you want to help.

Camp ends when the stuff is put away at West Chester in the shed Saturday afternoon.