BSA Troop 153

West Chester, PA



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4/18 Meeting Transcript:

Good Fellowship Ambulance

Class B


Today the troop met at the Good Fellowship Ambulance building and we learned a lot. We were split into 5 groups of 3 and we rotated from 5 stations. The stations were: Blood Clotting, CPR, Upper body splints, Lower body splints, and a tour. There was a professional at each station that taught us each skill.

Respectfully Submitted,

Quinlan K

Upcoming Schedule:

April 18: Camping Preparation and Ambulance Visit

April 23-25: French Creek Hike

May 2: Fishing Trip Preparation lead by Jacob B and Will H, Hike Debrief

May 9: Mother's Day (No meeting)

May 15: Potential Fishing Trip at Octorera (day hike back-up plan)


SPL - Will A

ASPLs - George B and Will HB

Paw Patrol Leader - Logan M

Paw Patrol Assistant Patrol Leader - Will HB (When needed)

Hammock City Patrol Leader - Jacob G

Hammock City Patrol Assistant Patrol Leader - Alex C

Quartermasters - Jacob B and Connor T

Scribe - Quinlan K

Outdoor Ethics Guide - Troy M

Librarian - Liam D

Webmaster - Sam M

Historian - Gabe Z

Chaplain’s Aide - Emmet H

Personal Fitness Merit Badge Resources

Brand New Eagle Scouts!

  • Jack A

  • Jake C

These Scouts have joined a long khaki line of St. Agnes Eagle Scouts in 2019.

It's the only rank designation which is forever in the present tense. "Once an Eagle Scout, always an Eagle Scout. "

Besides these two, the Troop is proud to share publicly that Shane R and Tommy T also earned Eagle in the recent months, bring Troop 153's number of Eagles to 100. Hooray!

Northern Tier: Mission Accomplished!

After almost two years of planning and preparation, Troop 153 made it to Northern Tier in the Minnesota Wilderness this past July/August. What a trip! Thanks to all who made it happen!

BSA Troop 153 Meetings

Meetings are held in St. Agnes Thomas Patrick Hall most Sunday evenings 6:30-7:30 or 8 pm during the school year.

Please check the calendar or meetings section as we do not have meetings during holidays or when we have trips.

Thomas Patrick Hall is the grey more-modern building located in the northeast corner of the St. Agnes block. (211 W. Gay st., West Chester PA 19380 is the address of the school).

You'll be entering from the parking lot behind the school(Prescott Alley), which is accessible from New St (Southbound) or Darlington St (Northbound), between Gay St (Westbound) and Chestnut st (Westbound).