BSA Troop 153

West Chester, PA

Court of Honor and BBQ at Pocopson Park

On Sunday June 12th Troop 153 Gathered at Pocopson Park to hand out Merit Badges and Awards, We also launched off rockets!

Fishing Trip!

If you are going on the fishing trip on April 23, please RSVP HERE:

Details below:

  • For Scouts, family members, and friends who might be interested in joining the troop

  • Cape May Lady, 504 West Rio Grande Avenue, Wildwood, NJ 08260

  • Meet at 5:45 am at the Wawa parking lot in Glen Mills on Rt. 1, just west of 322 on Rt. 1. The boat leaves the dock at 8 am and returns at 2 pm. Please be punctual so you (literally) don't miss the boat!

  • Cost: $60 per scout, which includes rod, reel, bait, tackle, hoagie, chips, and water. If Scouts want to bring additional food, they may do so. You may use your Scout account or get a check (payable to Scouts BSA Troop 153) to Roger Grey--at a meeting or by mail (111 Piedmont Rd., West Chester, PA 19382).

  • Note: If we get at least 20 Scouts registered, the captain said we will have the boat to ourselves--so sign up now!

  • DEADLINE: We must have your commitment and money by April 3 in order to reserve the boat. Thank you!

Updated 4/1

Easter Flower Fundraiser!

Troop 153 is returning to its 30+ year tradition of selling Easter flowers! Please sign up below for as many slots as you'd like, to help the troop raise money for activities and to fill your Scout account (you'll be paid by the hour, and the hourly rate depends on how much we sell)!

Note: we'll also be selling spring and summer flowers and flats after the Easter fundraiser. More info to come!

Hawk Mountain Summer Camp

From Sunday, June 20 to Saturday, June 26, Troop 153 went to Summer Camp at Hawk Mountain Scout Reservation. Everyone had a blast with their Merit Badges and overall time at the camp.

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Scribe Notes:

Day 1: Sunday (6/20)

We left the KMart at around 1:30 on Sunday. The drive was an hour and a half to Hawk Mountain. When we got there, a tour guide named Will showed us around and we found that our campsite was called Davy Crockett. We claimed our tents which were already set up when we got there. We went to the opening campfire, where skits were performed, and that was when we heard thunder. Everyone rushed out of there, because the campfire was located by the lake. When we got back to camp, we watched the 76ers unfortunately get defeated by the Hawks on Will H-B’s phone. We hit the hay at around 11:00 while it was still raining. Some of us were unlucky enough to have a tent that leaked, so we were in for a tough night.

Day 2: Monday (6/21)

We were awoken at 5:45 by Will Ansley to go down to the Polar Bear Plunge. We got back at around 7:00 and breakfast arrived at 7:30. Afterwards, most of us changed out of our swimming gear and got ready for our merit badge classes. Some merit badges scouts took included Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Swimming, Climbing, Kayaking, Small-Boat Sailing and many more. We had our lunch break/siesta from 12-3 and then got ready for our final merit badge class at 3:00. At 5:00, when every class was wrapped up, we headed back to camp. We had dinner, and then played some chess. It was still raining, so we went to bed before it started to pour.

Days 3 and 4: Tuesday (6/22) and Wednesday (6/23)

Both days 3 and 4 were similar to 1 and 2 schedule-wise, as we were all working hard to earn our merit badges. However, the biggest difference was the weather changed again. The temperature dropped into the low 40s at night and it was very cold for all of us. Mr. Kelly said he hid from the cold in a sleeping bag over his head, while Mr. Grey slept with a winter hat on.

Day 5: Thursday (6/24)

On the fifth day, we got up early again and went to Polar Bear. Starting at 9:00, scouts began finishing their last requirements for their merit badges. Some merit badges were completed on this day, while others required makeup classes on Friday. A number of us made a campfire circle and pathway as a service project for Davy Crockett during our lunch break. The troop was in the midst of a huge chess tournament, which we all hoped would meet several of the requirements for the Chess Merit Badge for Mr. Redmond. Fortunately, the evening was warm so the weather was one less thing to worry about and allowed the chess and chess drills to continue. There was a SPL cannonball contest and a Scoutmaster belly flop at 8:30, as well as a rifle shooting competition, with Mr. Baas and Will Ansley.

Day 6: Friday (6/25)

Today was the makeup day for merit badges and the final day to finish requirements for merit badges. After Polar Bear and breakfast, we got right into it. There wasn’t much of a schedule, so we just went to the classes we needed to go to whenever we were ready. At 2:00, classes ended and camp wide games started. There was a rope-burning contest, Lego building contest, STEM trivia, shooting sports trivia, and more. At the end of the night, there was a closing campfire. We won the campwide games, and in addition to that, Will Ansley won the cannonball competition.

Day 7: Saturday (6/26)

After waking up, we cleaned up the pavilion and walked across camp to get our breakfast. Next we went to the welcome center with our bags for our car assignments. Once we were all in the cars, we began the trek back to St Agnes. When we arrived, we put the troop gear in the shed and collected our personal belongings. Finally, after a long week of fun, we were able to go home with our families.

Respectfully Submitted,

Quinlan Kelly

Cape Henlopen

Scout Troop 153 went on a camping trip the weekend of November 12-14. Everyone had a great time on the bike trip and overall experience.

Scribe Notes

Friday 11/12/21

We met at St. Agnes at about 6:00 PM to load tents, patrol boxes and related gear into the cars and trucks. We were also bringing 26 bikes which needed to be distributed between drivers. We were on the road by 7. It was roughly a 2 hour drive to Cape Henlopen, DE and we arrived at approximately 9 PM. The troop unpacked their gear, set up camp, and when we were finished we built a fire. Most of us turned in for the night at 10:30.

Saturday 11/13/21

Most were up by 7 AM, we had pancakes and sausages for breakfast before we got on our bikes. We explored historical sites such as watchtowers and saw some 3” guns that were used to shoot the Nazi U-boats in WWII. The group went back to camp for lunch, which was cold-cut sandwiches and chips. Then we got back on our bikes and cycled the 8 miles to 10 miles to Rehoboth Beach. We walked around the boardwalk, visited the arcade, candy and ice cream shops from about 2-4, and then headed back to camp for the night. We had iron cows for dinner, and told ghost stories around the fire. By then it had gotten late, most of us mortals were tired so we hit the hay.

Sunday 11/14/21

We awoke about 6:30 AM to a layer of frost on our tents. It was a moving day and we wanted an early start. We grabbed a quick breakfast of bagels and donuts, and then packed up our tents and gear. By 9 o’clock, the troop was ready to get on the road back to St. Agnes. We arrived at 11:00, and after unloading troop gear and bikes, scouts were free to leave at 11:30. Everyone agreed that we had a great time and are excited to do it again next year! A super time was had by all-including the 20 scouts and 6 adult leaders. What a bike parade we were!

Respectfully submitted,

Quinlan Kelly

BSA Troop 153 Meetings

Meetings are held on most Sunday evenings during the school year from 5:30-7:00 pm. We meet at Hoopes Park when the weather permits, or at St. Agnes Thomas Patrick Hall when it's too cold/dark/stormy.

Please check the calendar or meetings section as we do not have meetings during holidays or when we have trips.

Thomas Patrick Hall is the grey more-modern building located in the northeast corner of the St. Agnes block. (211 W. Gay st., West Chester PA 19380 is the address of the school).

You'll be entering from the parking lot behind the school(Prescott Alley), which is accessible from New St (Southbound) or Darlington St (Northbound), between Gay St (Westbound) and Chestnut st (Westbound).

If you're interested in checking us out, just stop by a meeting or contact Michelle Blake at for more info!

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