Uniting for the Planet’s Future

Business Schools for Climate Leadership is a unique partnership between eight of Europe’s leading business schools to help present and future leaders combat the climate crisis facing the planet.

The schools, which came together to launch their alliance at COP26 in Glasgow last year, are Cambridge Judge Business School, HEC Paris, IE Business School, IESE Business School, the International Institute for Management Development (IMD), INSEAD, London Business School, and Saïd Business School (University of Oxford).

BS4CL is launching its 2nd series of webinars

COP26 witnessed an unprecedented amount of net zero pledges, BS4CL came together to provide some insights on what business can do to help having created its toolkit and launched its first series of webinars. As we all work to turn these pledges into action, the context is rapidly changing (war in Ukraine, new evidence from IPCC, urgency to address broader nature degradation).

This second series - informed by academic insights and practitioners' experience - aims to explore how to further accelerate action towards tackling climate change.

Wednesday, May 25th - 5 p.m. (CEST)

Geopolitics and Energy Transition in Europe

HEC Paris and IESE Business School

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has dramatically changed Europe's geopolitical situation. In addition to the tragic human cost of the war, by redefining the world's geopolitical balance, the conflict poses a serious challenge to Europe's energy transition plan for climate neutrality. Traditional energy supply chains involving Russia must be reconsidered and the shift to renewable energy accelerated. At the same time, disruptive changes in renewable energy technology and power storage challenge the view that gas is required for a low-carbon energy transition. Meanwhile, a sharp increase in fossil fuel prices means energy costs will rise and impact the general economic outlook.

Professor Jean-Michel Gauthier from HEC Paris and Professor Mike Rosenberg from IESE Business School will share their thoughts and exchange views with the audience on these issues, in a webinar moderated by Mrs Layal Nabhan, Head of Sustainability Financial Institutions Group - Société Générale C.I.B.

Speakers: Jean-Michel Gauthier (HEC Paris), Mike Rosenberg (IESE Business School)

Moderator: Layal Nabhan (HEC Alumna - Head of Sustainability Financial Institutions Group - Société Générale C.I.B.)

Mike Rosenberg

Professor of the Practice of Management in the Strategic Management Department of IESE Business School

Jean-Michel Gauthier

HEC Paris Professor and Holder of the Société Générale Energy and Finance Chair

Layal Nabhan

Head of Sustainability Financial Institutions Group - Société Générale C.I.B.

Wednesday, June 8th - 3 p.m. (CEST)

Climate and Entrepreneurship

Climate Startups: Innovating our path to a Net Zero economy

IE Business School and INSEAD

Creating a Net Zero economy requires rethinking our products, services, operations, etc from scratch. In this context, entrepreneurship emerges as a powerful source of solutions to fight climate change and overcome diverse environmental challenges. In this session we will discuss with our speakers about the main trends in climate entrepreneurship nowadays. We will also explore the necessary conditions for climate-related innovation to prosper and for scaling successful solutions.

Speakers: Goulnara Aguiar (CEO & Founder at ORMEX) and Javier Manzanares (CEO of the Green Climate Fund)

Moderator: Concepción Galdón (IE Business School)

Concepción Galdón

IE University’s Director of the Center for Social Innovation & Sustainability and Lead of Sustainable Impact Teaching & Research

Javier Manzanares

Co-CEO of ClimateCoin

Goulnara AGUIAR

Founder and CEO of ORMEX

Friday, June 17th - 11:00 a.m.(CEST)

Latest IPCC report and Climate Leadership

The risks and opportunities

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD), Cambridge Judge Business School and Saïd Business School (University of Oxford)

Even though we have known about global warming for more than three decades, our mitigation and adaptation efforts have so far proven grossly inadequate, to put it mildly. In its latest report, the IPCC now predicts the global average surface temperature will increase by 3 degrees Celsius this century, with disastrous consequences for life on earth as we know it.

In response to these dire predictions, policymakers around the world will enact new regulation to combat climate change which will affect all businesses - no matter their industry or business location.

Knut Haanaes, Professor of Strategy at IMD and Lundin Sustainability Chair, Kamiar Mohaddes, Associate Professor in Economics and Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School will explore climate leadership in this session moderated by Marya Besharov, Professor of Organisations and Impact at Oxford Saïd Business School. They will discuss how companies can manage the risks and challenges related to new legal and regulatory frameworks and leverage them into new business opportunities; what are the distinct roles played by businesses, NGOs and governments in climate action; how to foster greater collaboration across organisations in different sectors and geographies; and what leadership practices are needed to put climate action at the core of your organisation's business strategy.

Speakers: Knut Haanaes (The International Institute for Management Development - IMD), Kamiar Mohaddes (Cambridge Judge Business School), Marya Besharov (Oxford Saïd Business School)


Knut Haanaes

Professor of Strategy at The International Institute for Management Development (IMD)

Marya Besharov

Professor of Organisations and Impact at Oxford Saïd Business School

Kamiar Mohaddes

Associate Professor in Economics and Policy at Cambridge Judge Business School

Monday, July 11th - 3 p.m. (CEST)

COP15 and what it means for business and climate leadership

INSEAD, London Business School, Saïd Business School (University of Oxford), Cambridge Judge Business School

In light of the recent announcement of the delayed

COP 15 and its rescheduling to December 5-17 in Montreal,

we are postponing this webinar until the autumn when we will assemble panels of experts to deliver their insights on this important event and its implications for business action on climate change

Watch this space !


Business Schools for Climate Leadership has put together this digital toolkit to help business leaders pose key questions and assess their readiness to act effectively to tackle this planetary emergency.

Business schools taking coordinated action to prepare present and future business leaders for climate leadership

As leading European Business schools, the founding members the responsability to accelerate business activities towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change