Bryan W. Alaspa Portfolio

Successful Social Media Ads

Ad created to promote New Year's Eve event at Oak Brook Hills Resort. Achieved largest reach of any social post for the resort. Sold out the event. Event made money for the first time in years. Expanded overall social reach to more than 2 million

Social ad created to promote end-of-summer weekend getaways after busy season at the resort. Reach and engagements were in the thousands. Succeeded in filling up the hotel during select weekends and increasing brand awareness.

Ad created to feature outdoor pool and promote the lowered rate for Labor Day. Goal was to fill the hotel during the weekend. Most successful ad post-summer. Succeeded in expanding reach, increasing brand awareness and filled hotel for the final weekend of outdoor activities.

Billboard Ads

Recruitment billboards shown in Wisconsin for a construction company.

Print Ads

Full page print ads for medical tool/device company. Text written by me, design by Alexa Wells

Ad created for Chicago Tribune designed to increase awareness of Golf Club memberships and Player's Card programs to give as gifts during key off-season holidays. Tribune had caused calls to inquire about memberships and Player's Card to increase 10-fold.

Chicago Tribune ad created to promote weekend package for Valentine's Day weekend. Focus on rates, as well as amenities received when arriving at the resort. Result was a sellout weekend during the holiday and increased use of restaurant for romantic dinners and special menu.

Paid Search Ads

Drafts of paid Google Search ads drafted for Heaven's Door Whiskey and Bourbon.

Paid Google search ads for a trucker driver company that provides materials to truckers can stay on the road legally.

Email Campaign Drafts

The last one was part of an email drip campaign promoting a white paper the company had written.

Sell Sheets

Draft of Medical Device sell sheets created for client tradeshow.

High-Traffic SEO-Rich Blog Post Creations

Highly technical blog post for medical device manufacturer. Involved intense interviews, research and work to create the article so it could be easily read. Click HERE to see.

Medical device client blog involving highly technical material. Read it HERE for more.

Detailed blog about green building for construction company client. Click HERE to read more.

Highly detailed and researched article designed to generate hits and interest in booking Hilton hotel rooms while visiting the Frida Kahlo exhibit in Chicago's suburbs. Click HERE to read the entire article.

Creation of high-SEO article for Hilton's city guides. Key was to promote attractions in Chicago's Western Suburbs for tourists. Highly researched with high-SEO research and optimization. To read the entire article, click HERE.

Guide written for Hilton's pages with High-SEO and detailed research from around the resort. The intention was to convey to travelers the differences between resorts and hotels to help them make a decision about which properties to choose. Click HERE to read the entire article.

The plan was to create a monthly article featuring an employee of the resort. The first article, which you can see HERE, was a huge success and generated hits to the blog and website.

Creation of tentpole, evergreen, high-traffic content for international pest control company. Extensive research and work with SMEs to create long, detailed blog post regarding mice. Generated hundreds of thousands of hits and became a large traffic driver to websites and lead generator. Full article can be read HERE.

Creation of tentpole, evergreen, high-traffic content for international pest control company. Extensive research and work with SMEs to create long, detailed blog post regarding wasps in anticipation of wasp season. Generated hundreds of thousands of hits and became a large traffic driver to websites and lead generator for stinging pests. Full article can be read HERE.

Task was to create blog post featuring localized spiders in California to boost inquires about spider control services. Generated thousands of hits. Succeeded in increasing calls about spiders. Full article is HERE.

Another essential guide created for Western Exterminator brand. Task was to create comprehensive, high-SEO, blog post about tarantulas. It became such a huge driver of traffic, it was converted into a web page to put traffic directly on the site itself. Full page and article can be seem HERE.

High SEO Site Creation, Maintenance and Optimization

Worked with digital team and oversaw this acquisition project to move company and brand to new website platform. Planned with team to create content, move content and optimize content to increase traffic. Worked with team after move to new platform to ensure the site was highly optimized and lead driver. Websites for all brands became chief lead driver among all marketing efforts.

Created web pages to generate traffic. Managed SEO. SEO strategy with team and management of pages to keep site for brand optimized. Monthly updates were managed and planned by me while overseeing team of copywriters and site managers. Created site with massive traffic and lead generation.

Helped move site to new, updated platform to further optimize site. Oversaw move to new platform. Kept SEO analytics and planning with content team. Transfer succeeded with almost no drop in traffic and site became chief lead generator for brand.

Social Media Posts

Other Marketing Materials

Lobby sign created for Oak Brook Hills Resort to promote restaurant participation in Westmont Restaurant Week. This combined with social ads created one of the most successful participations in this event in resort history.

Elevator sign created for busy weekend at resort to promote specials at the restaurants and cafe, as well as room service.