Teaching Philosophy:

My students are scientists from the moment they enter my classroom. Following this philosophy, I build a class structure based on scientific inquiry, team-based problem solving, and continuous communication among students and the instructional team. I aim to help students build the interpersonal and applied skills necessary to succeed in the classroom in a way that reflects what they will experience in their future careers. To accomplish these goals, I center the coursework around team-based exercises and assessments with specific objectives that mirror real-world problems. My classroom is an inclusive environment where students are safe to confront uncertainty and freely seek out clarification or assistance from their peers or myself. My students learn to identify the limitations of their own knowledge, the limitations of my knowledge as the instructor, and the limitations of our collective knowledge within the scientific field. I also share my passion for science and intersecting interests with my students and give them space and time in class to do the same, because I believe that passion for science fuels the learning process.

For more information about my teaching approach, you can read my full Statement of Teaching Philosophy or take a tour through a day in my classroom in my Teaching Sample below.

Teaching Sample: