Join us !

First try

Come and give it a try !

Every Tuesday 8:40 pm, at the VUB swimming pool

3 free trials

You just need your swimsuit and a towel !

If you have a mask, a snorkel or fins, you can bring it with you.
If you don't have any material, dont worry : we have everything so you can enjoy and discover underwater hockey.

Fill the form with your information and an emergency contact

Contact 📞

  • Florence +32 479 75 96 05

  • Alexis +32 473 35 45 98

Become a member

ECG and Medical certificate

If you want to join us after your three free trials, you will have to

  • do an electrocardiogram (ECG or cardiac stress test, while biking or running) . Take an appointment with a cardiologist or sport doctor (make sure they offer this kind of test!).

  • Ask also your cardiologist/sport doctor to fill medical certificat (download it here)

2022 Attestation médicale HSA.pdf

Personnal information

To have you covered by the Lifras insurance, we need some personnal information.
Feel the form ➡️

VUB Student ?

If you are a student at the VUB and have the "VUB Sport Card", you can come and train with us for free every Tuesday !

What's Next ?


If you become a member of our club, it's best to have your own material.

Discover what you need :