Meaning of Web Architecture

In the same way that traditional architects design and coordinate the construction of buildings, residences and other infrastructures, web architects design and coordinate the development of Websites. Websites are a very complex conjunction of different integrated systems: Databases, Servers, Networks, Search Engines [SEO], Backup Components, Privacy Policy, Security and many more. The final result will be a Site that can solve business needs: Sell products and services in Online [Online] and better serve the needs of customers. A professionally built Site will be the Best Seller of any business correctly positioned on the Web. Building a website without architecture is not ethical, because it only benefits who does it, not its client.

BRuno on Google Cloud

Cloud-based productivity tools

Google Apps for Work can help your employees connect and done from anywhere on any device.

Why businesses have switched

58% of Fortune 500 are using Google for Work solutions.

BRuno en Sitios Web 2020

¡Sea visible en cualquier dispositivo!

Su sitio web se mostrará correctamente en todos los dispositivos móviles: tabletas, computadoras portátiles y ordenadores de escritorios. ¡No tiene que hacer nada! ¡Obtenga un sitio web personalizado, desarrollado y mantenido profesionalmente para que logre sus objetivos!

Web Designer Course by BRuno

The full Course of Web Designer, taught by myself. You must take advantage that I can still keep your price, but this is not forever, because the trend of the market is upward in prices, this, due to growing demand. Remember: Doing this course at a prestigious local university, could cost you huge money and more than two years of studies. With me as your study trainer-counselor, you would do it in less than four months. Contact us: 305.537.6874 Voice/Text.


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