About the Co-Founders


I am Mr. Loren R. Broussard. From talks with my son, Loren 'Ezra' Broussard (quiet genius) and working/mentoring with hundreds of youth, I felt that young people could benefit from learning financial literacy, to managing their behavioral health and special skills training in and out of school environments.

I planted the concept of youth enrichment environment in 2005 after retiring from international rugby circuit. Stretching across the southwest from Phoenix metro in mid 2000s, to Albuquerque 2009-2010 and Dallas/Ft Worth 2011-2014 and returning to Phoenix in 2015, all the foundation framework was established in contracts, grants and other forms of cash flow to keep the dream alive. In 2019, my son and I, launched Broustar Academy on ideas derived through my son and my educational background in business and mixed professional experience in I.T., community development to the world of financial/insurance industry, Broustar Academy was born..

  • After school programs: Albuquerque Public schools, Forth Worth ISD, Tucson Unified Schools, Roosevelt School District of Phoenix, other Charter/Private schools.

  • Former G.E.D. instructor/substitute teacher

  • Business degree

  • Finance/Insurance professional

  • Member of Maricopa Community College service learning board member

  • Member of Tempe High School DECA community advisor

  • USA Rugby certified coach/referee

  • USA Archery certified instructor

  • USA Pickleball associate

  • 1st Aide/CPR certified

  • Arizona Fingerprint card holder

  • Former International/World Cup and USA Rugby League athlete

  • Boys and Girls clubs & YMCA community affiliate

  • Former G.E.D. instructor

  • Financial/Insurance professional

  • Maricopa Community Colleges partner

Loren R. 'Ezra' Broussard

Ezra, class of 2022 Tempe School District in Phoenix metro, interests consists of reading, math, guitar, foreign language and family time. Ezra plans to attend Arizona State University's Barrett Honor school with a pursue in political science followed up by Law School and career as political analyst.

  • Certified in CPR/1st aide

  • Honor student

  • Debate club

  • DECA

  • Future leaders of America

  • Young entrepreneur at 'BroustarAcademy.com'

Proverbs 6:6-8