What we do?

We host 'added value' programs and interactive activities, for co-ed students, in various after school districts and also out of school community/library settings, derived from research-based tools and resources. Guidance provided by passionate and trained mentors and coaches.

This process creates fun and effective developmental relationships that help young people thrive.

We also offer family oriented literacy workshops and life skills training.

The Mission of our community learning academy is to provide; health, wellness and life training to help kids and communities get active, by creating a safe place for ALL children to play, learn and grow.

Our Vision is to incorporate a foundation of life skills and learning fundamentals to foster financial comprehension and relationship sustainability.

Proverbs 22:6

Insurance(s) may be accepted. AHCCCS members schedule appointment here.

Why we do it?

Mr. Broussard has past experience as an instructor asst. and youth development facilitator. Mr Broussard worked with students, ages 8-21, in schools, parks and recreation and other various youth based at-risk and mentoring programs. As a father, Mr Broussard spends time with my son in various conversations from academics to relationships and careers. He began to realize that students in traditional schools know little to nothing about finances or economics, banking and how to plan for their financial future. What are they teaching kids in school? So he took it upon himself to begin to teach his son, starting in 5th grade, about the basics of economics, allowances, credit, cash flow and creativity and the opportunities beyond the classroom limits.

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