Leadership Coaching

Developing teams and leaders to unlock their greatest potential.

The Best You

There is nobody quite like you, is there?  That's why you'll find everything is personalized just for you with Brock Coaching. There's nothing cookie-cutter about our conversation. Together, we develop a unique direction, goal-setting, and accountability plan to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

We also work with teams in both group settings as well as one-on-one. Together, we will discover which approach works best for your organization and team members.

 What you'll find with Brock Coaching


Through our coaching, we will develop a clear direction for your career, leadership, and any area you want to grow in. This will allow you to own where you are going, keeping you the priority.

Personalized Goals

Through our coaching, we will develop a personalized goal plan for the direction you are heading. It's essential to know not just where you want to end up, but how to get there. Together, we will uncover each step in a practical way to help make your goals become reality.


Through our coaching, we will establish regular times to connect, which will provide accountability in your achieving your goals. Accountability helps us stay on track and is essential to our coaching process. We want to see you succeed!

Team Alignment

Through our coaching, we will work with teams on these same areas: direction, goals, and accountability. As a team leader, it is important to know your team is growing and working towards a unified direction. Our approach is to unlock the potential of each team member and maximize what they bring to the team while reaching the goals you as the leader have set for them.


Who we are

Dave Brock is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and is an L1 Coach with AGCC. 

He has served as an Executive Pastor and Department Leader for nearly 10 years, with experience developing teams and leadership in paid and volunteer positions. David holds a Master in Organization Leadership from the University of Valley Forge. 

Developing teams and leaders to unlock their full potential is what we are passionate about. With first-hand experience in developing teams to work towards a goal while growing in their own skillset can be a time-consuming task that we want to help you with! Whether you are a small business, church, or entrepreneur, we want you to feel confident in your work and leadership to be the very best!

How do I get started?

We want you to be confident in partnering with us. To get started, fill out our form below to set up a free 30-minute Discovery Call to learn more about what coaching will look like for you and/or your team.