Household Debt Relief and the Debt Laffer Curve

Gyozo Gyongyosi & Emil Verner

BIS-CEPR-SCG-SFI Conference on Financial Intermediation (May 2024)

Agents in Conflict: Vertical Disintegration in Lending

Greg Buchak, Vera Chau, Adam Jorring

MFA (Mar 2024)

Pay to Plead: Finding Unfairness and Abusive Practices in California Debt Collection Cases

Claire Johnson Raba & Dalie Jimenez

Berkeley Consumer Law Scholars Conference (Mar 2024)

The Geography of Race, Legal Institutions, and Attorneys in Consumer Bankruptcy

Paul Goldsmith-Pinkham, Dana Scott, Jialan Wang

AEA (Jan 2024)

Blackbox Greenleaf: Lender Behavior Under Uncertain Collateral Enforcement

Taha Ahsin

AFA International Banking, Economics, and Finance Association (IBEFA) (Jan 2024)

What Drives Racial Minorities to Use FinTech Lending?

Celine Yue Fei

UO Summer Finance Conference (Aug 2023)

Explaining Racial Disparities in Personal Bankruptcy Outcomes

Bronson Argyle, Sasha Indarte, Ben Iverson, Chris Palmer

NBER (Jul 2023)

The Demand for Long-Term Mortgage Contracts and the Role of Collateral

Lu LIu

SFS Cavalcade (May 2023) - Best Paper Award

The Color of Forbearance in Private Label Mortgages: Consequences of Exclusion from CARES Act

Arka Prava Bandyopadhyay

Berkeley Consumer Law Scholars Conference (Mar 2023)

Trade Policy, Captive Finance, and Consumer Credit: Evidence from the 2018 Metal Tariffs

Kristine W. Hankins, Morteza Momeni Shahraki, David Sovich

Craig Holden Memorial Conference (Mar 2022)

Bank Loan Markups and Adverse Selection

Mehdi Beyhaghi, Cesare Fracassi, Gregory Weitzner

MFA (Mar 2022)

Don't Lend So Close to Me: Payday Lending Spillover Effects on Formal Credit

Sheisha Kulkarni, Anson Ho, Sahil Raina, and Barry Scholnick

WEA (2021)

Cash-Forward Arbitrage and Dealer Capital in MBS Markets: COVID-19 and Beyond

Jiakai Chen, Haoyang Liu, Asani Sarkar, Zhaogang Song

5th Yale Junior Finance Conference (2021)