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The more the world is getting advanced, the more the world is in need of leaders and innovators. And innovators, and leaders are not born. They are made by the environment. They are made by the surroundings. They are made by the experience. They are made by the struggles. And they are made by the failures. Therefore, it takes time to generate a leader and an innovator. But now, the world cannot afford to have leader after a long time. It wants think tanks in every other second. And for this, we need to change our education system to shape every child into controller of this globe.

There are many changes required in our education system. Because we are living in that time when every child has that information which others don’t have. We are living in that time when every kid has enough intelligence to understand the world on basic level. And our ancestors lack that intelligence at their childhood. Thus, for advanced children, system should become advanced, as well. And to make it advancement, some improvement is required.

There are many areas where improvement is needed in our classrooms. According to British essay writers UK major required improvements are the following, given below:

1) Creativity:

It was a time when simple classrooms filled with benches, black board and teacher’s table were enough. But now, we need something different. In today’s classrooms, it will be okay if there would be no black boards and benches. But it should have colors. There is no need to have physical colors like red, orange, yellow and many others. There is need of colors that prevails inside every human being. There is need to have the presence or expression of that colors in the rooms. That colors and paints will only be expressed when there would be the introduction of creativity enough to let every child speak whatever comes in his or her mind. That paints will only be expressed when there will be enough creativity to let every child do what he wants to do in the safe environment. This is not discussion. This is creativity because it let everyone to expand their minds and think out of their boxes. And that out of the box thinking is creativity.

2) Fun all around:

Maths, English and science are not enough to open the brains of children. Because lectures on such subjects will make them bored of schooling. And we don’t want bored or lazy brains. We want active brains. To keep the brains active, there is need to involve them in practical work. Teachers can involve them in painting the classroom or cooking lunches for themselves. These activities will not only make them painters or chefs but they will make them cooperative. They will make them to work in teams. They will make them organized. They will make them to understand that why garlic is necessary in particular food or why varnish is used. But most importantly, they will make them multi-tasker. And that’s what the world wants now and will be wanting in the world of tomorrow!

3) Space is necessary:

No doubt, every child needs enough space to explore himself or herself. No doubt, every child needs enough privacy to learn to observe the world from his her own perspective or lenses. And no doubt, every child needs enough loneliness to enjoy in this world or in his or her bubble in his or her own way. That space or that personalization should be given to every child in his or her classroom. And it is the responsibility of a teacher to make the classroom friendly enough to let every toddler create what he wants to create. This activity will make every child confident enough to trust on his or her capabilities enough to let those talents speak itself loudly. And it is the teacher who can do this. Because it is only he or her who knows what children or students really wants. Teachers know that they don’t want professional essay writers UK’s help. They know that they want enough freedom to explore the world in their own way.

So, these are the top 3 changes which our classroom really need. And if that need won’t be fulfilled, there would be no leaders and innovators in upcoming age.