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Massage Therapist in Brisbane City

KINETIC's goal is to provide the highest quality Massage in Brisbane City

What separates KINETIC Massage from the other Massage clinics in Brisbane?

KINETIC has been providing Massage for over a decade and during that time KINETIC has treated the likes of the Wallabies, the Bronco's, AIS, Elite Athletes, Office workers, Gym goers and everyone in between.

KINETIC's hands on skills are something that need to be experienced, if you are looking for Massage that gets to the source of your pain and soreness KINETIC is for you.

Remedial Massage Brisbane

Massage Brisbane

At KINETIC we have studied some of the following Massage workshops and courses:

Neuro Kinetic Therapy NKT - Kathy Dooley

Anatomy in Motion AIM - Gary Ward

Anatomy Trains

Myo-skeletal Techniques

Myo-Fascial Release

Active Release

Dry Needling


Qigong / Chi Kung

And the list goes on

Massage with a twist

At KINETIC we don't just Massage, we assess your posture, muscle imbalances, patterns, and movement. We aim to collect as much data as possible, so that when we come to design your treatment plan it is specific to you and your needs.

Our Massage techniques are mix of slow and deep strokes that aim to sink deep into the layers of the body, we utilize activations/strengthening movements and exercises to wake up sleepy and weak muscles.

With the combination of releasing tight and stiff muscles and waking up and activating weak and slack muscles we aim to create balance in the body.

The Process

The Process starts with the following:

Filling in a new client form,

Assessment of posture, muscle testing and pattern identification

Treatment plan is mapped out clearly, specifically to you.

Ongoing support. Videos, emails, etc are provided to help you with reference points

Education is key to make change

Massage in Brisbane CBD

Massage can be a great tool/therapy if you are experiencing pain and soreness in the body. It can be also helpful if you have had a injury, whether sports or work place, Massage has been shown in countless studies to be therapeutic.

Massage increases blood flow, and it can increase white blood cells in the body, there for speeding up the recovery time and healing process in the body.

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Brisbane (/ˈbrɪzbən/

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)[8] is the capital of and most populous city in the Australian state of Queensland,[9] and the third most populous city in Australia. Brisbane's metropolitan area has a population of 2.4 million,[10] and the South East Queenslandregion, centred on Brisbane, encompasses a population of more than 3.5 million.[11] The Brisbane central business district stands on the historic European settlement and is situated inside a bend of the Brisbane River, about 15 kilometres (9 miles) from its mouth at Moreton Bay.[12] The metropolitan area extends in all directions along the floodplain of the Brisbane River Valley between Moreton Bay and the Great Dividing Range, sprawling across several of Australia's most populous local government areas (LGAs) — most centrally the City of Brisbane, which is by far the most populous LGA in the nation. The demonym of Brisbane is "Brisbanite".

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