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IDEA Con 2020

How to Access This Site

Welcome to Bringing Home the Conference!

This website was created for IDEA Con 2020. The purpose of this site is to collaboratively create methods that can be used to gain the greatest benefit from attending professional development conferences. All materials are free to use, but please give credit back to the original creators.

Contents of Web Pages

  • A button entitled with the main topic and group collaboration.
  • Underlined hyperlinks to additional resources.
  • Viewable final resources of the products created through group collaboration.
  • Templates or viewable files free for use to organize concepts.

About Mia Gutsell

Ms. Mia Gutsell is an Instructional Technology Specialist and former Social Science teacher in Illinois. She is a Google for Education Certified Trainer. She has her B.A in History and B.S.ed in Secondary Education from Loyola University Chicago.

She earned her Masters of Technology in Education from National Louis University in June 2018.

In her spare time, she likes to weight train, run, and knit.

She can be reached through her Twitter handle @msmgutsell

Images provided by Google for personal use as proof of learning in the Google for Education Program.

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