Communicate with Confidence & Excel at Work

English for Young Professionals

A Course Tailored for Cambodians Aged 18 to 30

Master English language skills to unlock your full potential at work.

You must have an objective or goal in mind when you embark on picking up a language. Learning without a goal, it comes as no surprise that you find your commitment wavering.

On the contrary, if you are determined to achieving these goals -- speaking with confidence, securing your next job promotion, opening up better career opportunities, closing more sales, and leading a team -- it's time to prepare yourself now.

Let us partner you in this journey to success.

Invest in yourself.

Just 3 hours a week!

6 Indispensable Ingredients in Our Recipe

Each week, we will delve into these components through interactive activities and practical examples to help you acquire greater English language proficiency - and the confidence to apply it in your daily lives.


Harness the power of grammar to construct clear, interesting and precise sentences and paragraphs. You will learn about the Parts of Speech, 12 Tenses of Verbs, Clauses and Sentence Structures.


Vocabulary is so much more than learning new words. Expanding your repertoire of vocabulary will enable you to access new information, enhance your communication, and to think more creatively.

Daily Conversations

Engaging in conversation on various topics will boost your comfort level in interacting with people from diverse backgrounds. With regular practice, you will achieve a breakthrough and build stronger relationships!

Work Communication

The ability to communicate well is crucial to success - both for you individually and as a team. Increase your productivity by being competent in practical situations such as running a meeting and crafting an email.

Presentation Skills

Present with impact and charisma! You will acquire the skills to get your ideas and messages across fluently and confidently. Get the practice and feedback you need to become an effective speaker.

Current Affairs

Hone your critical and analytical thinking skills through discussing issues of local and global significance. You will broaden your perspectives, becoming more well-informed and insightful in forming your opinion.

"Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice."

- Anton Chekhov

Our Students' Profiles


Age 18, Grade 12 student completing national exams and applying for scholarship to study overseas


Age 20, University student aspiring to be a Marketing professional and business owner in real estate industry


Age 27, administrative staff at an international NGO hoping to get promoted to a leadership role at work


Age 32, mother of 3 kids, looking to expand her home business using social media to reach more customers

"If you're determined to learn, no one can stop you."

- Zig Ziglar

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