Bridgeview Garden

In our 4th ELA Unit we focus a lot on healthy living and how we can make a positive impact on our environment. Each year the 6th graders spend time learning about where food comes from, how growing food can have a positive impact on our environment here at school and the benefits of eating healthy. The school garden allows us to experience learning about growing food by actually growing it ourselves.

The vegetables that we harvest were purchased from the Pleasant Valley Food Service and prepared in meals here at Bridgeview. The money that we make go into making improvements and expanding the garden for the future. To date, we have been able to successfully triple the growing capacity of our garden, allowing us to provide a wider variety of vegetables for a longer time period at our school.

As the garden gets bigger and bigger, teachers are finding more ways to connect what students are learning in the classroom to the garden. Hopefully soon all students at Bridgeview will be able to spend time in the garden.