Bridges Academy Austin

Bridges Academy Austin is a private K-8 school in Austin, Texas. The school offers very small classes (1:9) with instruction tailored to each student's needs. Our certified teachers and specialists provide quality education for students, whether they are on-level, above grade level, or behind. We specialize in dyslexia, dysgraphia, gifted/twice exceptional (2e), and other learning differences.

We meet students where they are academically, and we help them advance. Our students typically make more progress than they would in a public school.

The school was founded by a certified teacher, certified reading & dyslexia specialist, and certified special education teacher who formed a team of experienced teachers and specialists.

We are open in person. We are enrolling for the 2021-22 school year until we are full. Once we are full, we will add students to the waiting list. Space is limited, and we will be full.

Please contact using the button below, or you may reach the director, Alexandra Elliot, on her direct line at 512-506-1980.