About Me

Brian Rawlings

Brookfield HS Class of 2021

Basketball is more than a game for me. Here's why:

I believe there is no such thing, as too much basketball! I am a gym rat. First in the gym and the last to leave. I am constantly working to improve my game; watching film, practicing, seeking out coaching, and working out.

I owe a lot to the game. Basketball has made me a better student, a better friend, and a better teammate. Coach Taylor is constantly talking about how basketball skills can be applied to life outside of the gym. School, the workplace, and personal relationships all require these same skills.

I have also learned that basketball requires more than physical talent and strength. The game is mental too. You need to be smart and perceptive on the court in order to be able to read and react quickly. You have to be mentally tough; you cannot allow mistakes, losses, or injury to shake your confidence. You have to learn to work with and to trust your teammates. You also have to know their skills and limitations on the court so that you can help them succeed in the game.

The following two quotes summarize why basketball is important to me:

"There are many valuable life-lessons to be learned from the game of basketball."

Coach Dave Taylor

"The game of basketball honors toughness."

Coach Brad Stevens

Giving back to the game

Last year, I was sidelined by an injury for several weeks. My coach asked me to help coach a team of younger players during my recovery. I discovered this was a great way to share my experience with young players who like me, are eager to learn. I continue to work with younger players and try to be a good role model for them.

I volunteer to run the scoreboard and to keep the game book at tournaments when I am not playing.

I volunteer to participate in fundraising activities to help raise money to finance the DTX team trips. The funds we raise are shared equally to help reduce the cost of the trip for every member of our team.

Key facts about me:

  • Played Soccer in grades K through 7
  • Started playing basketball in the 1st grade
  • I play basketball year round.
  • I play for Coach Taylor at DTX from March through November.
  • I play for Coach Fleming at BHS from December to March.
  • Coaching Basketball - I help out my coach by coaching younger players.

Honor Student

My favorite subjects in school are Science and Math. I do well in all of my classes, and I am maintaining a 3.8 GPA. Currently, I am exploring career options, but I am interested in becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon. I want to work with future athletes, providing treatment for their injuries, and helping them to get back to their sport.


I live with my parents. My older brother, James, is in college. My family is great source of support for my scholastic and athletic endeavors. They are the foundation of my success.