Custom Painting

Interested in a custom portrait ? View all details below and submit a request for an acrylic portrait painting by Liz Brent

Graphite (pencil) drawing on smooth bristol paper inspired by a reference photo of your choice.

Pricing for Portraits

**Free Shipping**

11" x 14"

$250 USD

16" x 20"

$450 USD

Ready to request a portrait?

Step 1. Fill out the form below.

Step 2. You will receive a follow up email with an estimate within 3 business days. Your email will include a time estimate for your project.

Step 3. After approving the estimate, you will then receive an invoice requesting you to pay a nonrefundable deposit of 25% of your portrait price.

Step 4. Work will begin on your portrait. You will receive periodic invoice reminders to make payments on your portrait throughout the timeline of your project.

Step 5. Your final payment is due upon completion.

Step 6. Your portrait will be shipped to you.

Your custom portrait will be created from a photo reference of your choice. Pricing above is for one subject only. Multiple subjects in a portrait will require a custom quoted price. Remainder of payment due upon completion. Prices subject to change.