PLENARY Speakers

Natália Guerreiro

has been a teacher since the year 2000 and currently works for the Brazilian Air Force. She holds a CELTA, a B.A. in English & Portuguese from UFRJ, and an M.A. in Applied Linguistics from the University of Melbourne. She's been elected to the BRAZ-TESOL Advisory Council for the 2017-2018 term and was a proud BrELT moderator for three years.

Mark Hancock

has recently won an ELTons Award for innovation in teaching resources and has published many ELT methodology and resource books, including Pronunciation Games (Cambridge University Press 1995), and Singing Grammar (Cambridge University Press 1999). He has also written a number of study material and coursebooks such as English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate (Cambridge University Press, 2012), English Result (Oxford University Press, 2002. co-author: Annie McDonald), Authentic Listening Resource Pack (Delta Publishing, 2015. co-author: Annie McDonald) and PronPack 1-4 (Hancock McDonald ELT 2017). He also publishes pronunciation materials on and

Claire Venables

Claire spent a decade teaching in Europe where she obtained her Trinity DipTESOL at Oxford TEFL. She has a wide range of experience as a teacher, teacher-trainer, Director of Studies and materials writer. However, her true passion is teaching English to Primary and Pre-Primary learners. Since moving to Brazil in 2011, she has been involved in the creation and implementation of language programmes in schools, teaching training courses, and coursebook writing for Macmillan. She is an active member of the National English Teachers’ Association (BRAZ-TESOL) and a board member of two special interest groups (VOICES for Women and Young Learners and Teens) and the Director of Active English


Higor is an ELT teacher, teacher trainer and CELTA tutor and is the author of two books: 'Inglês para professor' and the upcoming 'Inglês para professor 2'. He is currently vice president of BRAZ-TESOL and is future president as of 2019. He is also the president and a founding member of BRAZ-TESOL's Teacher Development Special Interest Group.


Vinicius Nobre is a managing partner at Troika. He has more than 23 years of experience as a teacher, teacher educator, education manager, course designer, international examiner and course book writer. He is a CELTA/ICELT/DELTA tutor and past president of BRAZ-TESOL. Vinnie has written Getting into Teacher Education: a handbook (Cengage), Teaching English Today: Contexts and Objectives (SBS) and often publishes articles and chapters about English language teaching.

BrELT believes that the ELT community should support and provide conditions for women, non-native English speakers and every underrepresented voice to celebrate, acknowledge and embrace the benefits of having a marginalized perspective of life.

This can potentially empower teachers to criticize and fight against dominant forces, racism, classicism, territorialism and hegemonic sexism.

Out of 5 plenary speakers two of them are women and three of them are locals. Achieving near-parity in gender and nationality has granted BOR2018 a PLATINUM badge from the EVE (Equal Voices in ELT) Calendar.