BrELT On The Road 2018

São Paulo

The wait is over!

It's time for São Paulo to host the next edition of BrELT On The Road

On 7 September teachers and ELT professionals will have the chance to attend our annual, internationally recognized event which will be held at the beautiful premises of Colégio Emilie de Villeneuve. We aim to bring teachers the best of what is being discussed in our industry today, and also explore what the future holds.

What to expect:

Mark Hancock

has recently won an ELTons Award for innovation in teaching resources and has published many ELT methodology and resource books, including Pronunciation Games (Cambridge University Press 1995), and Singing Grammar (Cambridge University Press 1999). He has also written a number of study material and coursebooks such as English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate (Cambridge University Press, 2012), English Result (Oxford University Press, 2002. co-author: Annie McDonald), Authentic Listening Resource Pack (Delta Publishing, 2015. co-author: Annie McDonald) and PronPack 1-4 (Hancock McDonald ELT 2017). He also publishes pronunciation materials on and

Mentoring for first time speakers

Never presented at a conference but has got an idea you want to share?

Count on our experienced team to guide you through and make this an unforgettable learning experience!

Networking breaks

Our events are not only about learning.

They are about sharing precious little moments with like-minded ELT professionals. Our audience include ELT practitioners, academic managers, school coordinators, teacher trainers, researchers, content creators from different teaching contexts working in both private and state sectors.

Pecha Kucha Presentations

Each presenter is allowed a slideshow of 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds, giving a total presentation time of six minutes and forty seconds before the next speaker is up, keeping presentations fast-paced and engaging.

Live BrELT Chats

These will certainly allow delegates to experience the same collaboration, development and networking that takes place online but in a face-to-face format.



Cross your fingers for the final raffle!



Join thousands of teachers who are willing to support each other and help you advance in your career. By joining our event you will be able to build up your Personal Learning Network and strengthen your professional connections.

BrELT On The Road 2018

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The BrELT Team:

  • Barbara Furtado
  • Bruno Andrade
  • Eduardo de Freitas
  • Priscila Bordon
  • Thiago Veigga