Who We Are

We are an organization in Omaha Nebraska, Dedicated to Breaking the Cycle of Sexual Trauma

Our mission "To reduce the incidence, trauma, and secrecy of child sexual abuse by providing peer guided, self help groups for adult survivors, non-offending parents, spouses, and others affected by the ripple affect of childhood sexual abuse ."

We offer a community of recovery and genuine understanding.

Breaking the Cycle began as Parents United Against Child Sexual Abuse in Nebraska in 1981 and works in cooperation with a number of other organizations through the Midwest to combat sexual trauma. We believe that, working together, there can be recovery from childhood sexual trauma for all.

Our program welcomes all people effected by sexual trauma, Survivors and their loved ones as well as others that meet criteria set forth by our group. We believe that healing is facilitated by allowing survivors to interact in a safe setting.

Members will go through a brief orientation training period where they will learn about our program and childhood sexual trauma in general. Following the orientation the survivors will then be places in a survivor group. Only survivors are allowed in this initial group. Non offending parents and other loved ones will be placed into a Triad group (Triad is for Supporters, Loved ones and Survivors.) As a survivor feels more comfortable we urge them to consider joining a Triad group although being part of a Triad is not a requirement. We believe that our unique approach allows survivors to learn more about what their offender did to them as well as the long term affects for all those involved.