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Brayden's Memorial

P.O. Box 533

Elba, NY 14058

Checks Payable to: The Brayden Salvaterra Memorial

Thank You Donors

2017 Brayden Salvaterra Memorial Fund beneficiaries:

  • $2000 donation to Elba Fire Department (first-respondents for Brayden)
  • $1000 each scholarships in Brayden's Honor to Elba Central School Seniors - Yessica V. and John Z.
  • $1000 donation to Elba Helping Hands
  • $350 Elba Elementary Student Council assembly
  • $300 donation to local Boy Scouts & Boy Scouts Easter Egg Hunt
  • $300 donation to Elba Central School for Christmas gifts
  • $250 donation to Sunshine Nursery School
  • $500 donation to Elba Village Park
  • $500 donation to Elba Betterment Committee
  • Field trip to Strong Museum of Play for Elba Elementary Kindergarten class
  • Pizza party on Brayden’s birthday to the class of 2029