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Notification of Immediate Changes to the Brant Pantry Program

The Guelph Food Bank is decentralizing its client service programs in order to make food available in community hubs. This will make food more accessible across the city and eliminate travel to Crimea Street. The Food Bank will become a distribution center for these hubs in neighbourhood’s across the city. 

The Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group will be opening a Guelph Food Bank supported pantry on November 1.

While continuing its Morning Meal Program, Garden Fresh program, and the Fewd Truck, the Brant Avenue Neighbourhood Group will be expanding its Food Pantry to include fresh produce, dairy products, meat and eggs. We will keep the model similar to what it has been in the past while increasing the range of products available.

We hope the following information will help you make a smooth transition.

  Tuesday 12:00. to 2:00, Wednesday 3:00 to 6:00, Thursday 10:00 to 2:00

Thank you,

Nicki Hammond 


Free books for kids under 6 from the Imagination Library!

Children under 5 in the Brant Avenue Neighbourhood are now able to get free books!

Children from birth to age 5 can get free, high-quality, age-appropriate books in the mail every month by signing up for the Imagination Library of Guelph. This amazing program gives children early experiences with books and reading to help prepare them for school  and set them up for future success.  

Click here to find out more about this amazing opportunity and sign up for free books:

Nicki Hammond 



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Take Pride in yOur Neighbourhood

Just a reminder, discarded cigarette butts are garbage that pollutes the environment and can sicken animals. Please do not throw your butts on the ground anywhere but especially not near the school where our children walk and play every day. Besides polluting our ground, the butts get washed into the storm drain system. It also gives our children the message that pollution of this sort is acceptable.