Reports Development
MIS and BI Reports through querying of data for analysis and valuable business insights for businesses already running a ERP or similar program.
We also develop 'data-sets' to feed your preferred BI Tool for data visualization by pulling live data from the various software platforms in use including spreadsheets.
Leverage the power of your data presented as graphs, charts and dashboards for key performance indices.
Scale up to MS SQL Server / MS Azure SQL Database
Move your data to SQL Server. The Express Edition is 'free' and is more than adequate for most small businesses.
Move your data to the 'cloud'. Azure SQL database service is available for as low as USD 5 per month.
Enjoy enhanced security and reliability without any additional cost.
Tasks Automation
Routine office tasks such as printouts and emails of form letters, purchase orders, contracts, bills and invoices, shipping tags, labels, packing list, address labels can be automated through customised programs as per requirement.
Make your operations more productive, achieve more out put with less staff. See examples