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Parents & Guardians:

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Hi Folks,

I am Mr. Bragg and I will be your teacher in one, or more, of the classes listed above and the right.

  1. Technology, and it's proper, responsible use, is central to my courses.
  2. All of my course materials will be made available through this website.
  3. Our Google Classroom, is where you submit your work. You must mark work as done even if you hand in a paper copy.

Each course offers you exciting opportunities to learn. Learning is a difficult, highly individual, process and I will be asking you to reflect on your learning as we proceed. Keep a journal either online (Audio, Video or Blog/Website) or offline but expect to share it with me each week in one form or another.

I facilitate learning by directing it. Inquiry is at the heart of what we'll do in all of my courses. In this space I will develop you as thinkers through activities, self reflection and by studying the world around us. Ask questions, find answers and grow.

All assessments that results in a grade in my courses are individual in nature and reflect your learning against the set objectives of the specific course. This includes group work: I record anecdotal evidence every class. Each class will challenges you to act, so one must be active to achieve the best result. That includes actively discussing, creating, reading, watching videos, answering questions and reflecting on it all in your assignments.

Show me how you learn and I will work with you to meet your needs.

As much as possible I encourage students to become involved in their school and the wider communities they serve. This is done after a firm foundation in inquiry is established as an effort to instill a sense of self, community, place and citizenship.

I am firm believer that education should be:

  1. highly interactive,
  2. build essential skills for life and life-long learning,
  3. informative, engaging & adapted to the needs of all students.

To accomplish this I offer a safe and supportive space for all students to express themselves, learn and grow.

If you ever need to contact me I am only ever a phone call or e-mail away!

Parents & Guardians:

What I Teach:

What to Bring:

  • Chromebook.
  • Pen & Pencil.
  • Energy & Enthusiasm!

What to Expect:

  • Transparent learning goals coupled with timely feedback on assessments.
  • A safe & supportive space to learn and grow.
  • A challenging and rewarding learning experience for all students adjusted to meet their individual learning needs.
  • Students will be active constructors, discoverers & transformers of knowledge.

About Mr. Bragg

I have been teaching in varied capacities for about 10+ years in a number of educational environments. These have included: elementary, junior & high school, colleges & universities within Ontario, Nova Scotia & abroad (Taiwan). I have also taught digital literacy in a number of Nova Scotia's communities through the Nova Scotia Community Access Program.


  • B. A. Sociology & Philosophy (Honours), Acadia University.
  • Computer Science (Minor). Athabasca University.
  • B. Ed. Social Studies & Technology, Acadia University.
  • MES. University of Waterloo.

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