"Wij zullen nieT verdorsten"


Hash House Harriers

Den Bosch - Eindhoven - Helmond - Tilburg

Our maiden run was been cancelled because of Covid-19

While we are unlikely to hash together until June, please also join Amsterdam, FILTH and Wageningen for their a-synchronized hashes and on-line circles.

Brab-H3 #2 - Helmond City Tour

Hare - (Doekle Steensma)
Where - Helmond
Date - Sunday - May 24th, 2020
Time - 1500 hrs

With regard to Covid-19 - We follow the instructions of RIVM and the Government - https://www.rivm.nl/en

"Wij zullen nieT verdorsten"

De-hydration is one of the most horrible things that can happen in ones life. But we are a drinking club but with only a slight running problem. We do some running (8-12 km) or walking (5-7 km) with the sole purpose to induce a healthy thirst that needs to be clenched, obviously. A proper run has a beerstop along the way and much more beer and nibbles at the end of the trail. Most of us are expats or ex-expats. www.HashHouseHarriers.nl

Our main event is the Carnaval weekend. 40 days before whatever date the Pope in Rome says Easter is going to be. Stay with me for a bit. There is the equinox, somewhere near March 21st. Then there is the first full moon after the equinox. Then there is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the equinox. Still with us? Now count 40 days back please, that is when Carnaval is going to be. Simple !

There used to be an Eindhoven chapter. Is this a re-birth? Or is it just a continuation of the Tilburg Carnaval Hash that has been organizing Carnaval Hash events since 2005? <<<< Show up and find out >>>>

Upcoming Runs

This is our fourth try to have our first run: Sunday 28 June in Den Bosch

Brab-H3 #2 - Duck Trails

Hare - Fuck a Duck
Where - Den Bosch
Date - Sunday - June 28th, 2020
Time - 1500 hrs

Dutch Hash Calendar

--- Amsterdam - 1st and 3rd Sunday/month --- FILTH - on Full Moon (every 29.53 days) --- The Hague - Sundays (Winter) and Wednesdays (Summer) --- Brabant-H3 - 3rd weekend/month --- Wageningen - 2nd Sunday/month --- Rotterdam - (irregular) 3rd Thursday/month ---

about us

Contact - GM.Brabant@Harrier.nl

Grand Master - Pink Panter
Hare Raiser - Just the Tip
On Sec - Opee (temporary)
Religious Adviser -
Hash Cash -
Haber Dasher -

We run in North-Brabant (which is the Dutch side of the Dutchy of Brabant). Our Belgium friends are welcome as ever. During civilian life the pack resides in Eindhoven, Den Bosch, Helmond and Tilburg. That is where our runs are going to be, near a train-station.

Every fourth weekend of the Month filling the gap that Amsterdam (1st & 3rd Sunday) and Wageningen (2nd Sunday) left open for us.

our friends

Run Archive

Hare - Pink Panter
Where -
Chez Pink - Anna Paulownahof 161 - 5038 VX Tilburg
Date -
Sunday 22nd March, 2020
Time -
1400 hrs (time not final yet)

Our first run = canceled

The Carnaval Parade of 23 February in Tilburg was canceled because of the storm. There will be a retry on 22 March. The Brabant H3 elected this date for its maiden run. And now, the retry has been canceled as well.

This is a Carnaval event, you look silly if you do not dress up as something silly. It will be a full run for tip-top-shaped marathon-runners and walkers alike. The circle will be near the route of the parade. There will be some food afterwards for those that got hungry.

We are having our maiden run

What - Brab-H3 #1 - PDKDPC-run
Hare - Pink Panter
Date - KingsDay - April 27, 2020
Where - Where-ever you are
Time - When-ever you want
Jitsi-circle - 18:00 hrs (details follow)

Pink Panter democratically decided to have our Brabant H3 maiden physical distancing run on Kingsday 27 April. It will have an orange pancake theme. Start thinking about how to make orange pancakes. Save at least one to show off to the zoom-circle at 18:00 hrs

--------- It is going to be a scavenger hunt. You make your own trail, along the way you pick up the ingredients for traditional KingsDay orange pancakes. Ingredients -- flour - eggs - pinch of salt - beer - secret ingredient to make the result orange --- mix it all in the correct proportions into a smooth pancake batter.

-------- Bake the pancakes - The first one always fails, post a picture of this failure.