The Music Man, Jr!

What's Next

Season Postponed!

Since school is closed for the remainder of the school year, we are postponing the drama program until the Fall.

Dear Parents of Cast and Crew Members,

Due to COVID we will not be able to rehearse in the school building. This makes the drama program unmanageable. We will postpone the production of The Music Man, Jr until the Fall and start over with auditions then. We are very sorry to have to cancel the production for this Spring, but this is probably not a surprise to anyone and definitely in the best interest of the children and production crew.

As Megan Connor so elegantly put it, thank you so much for your time, energy and patience. These are indeed trying times for all, and we look forward to connecting in better times soon! Be well.

Best Regards,

Chris Brolin, The Popcorn Players of Boxborough

Director: Fran Weber

Stage Manager: Camille Smokelin

Costumes: Ashlyn McCammon

Music Director: open

Exec Producer: Chris Brolin

Grd 6 Producer: open

Grd 5 Producer: Megan Connor

Wrangling Lead: Patricia Richter