The Music Man, Jr!

What's Next

We're Paused!

No more rehearsals until after April break. Then we'll see....

Dear Parents of Cast and Crew Members,

Due to the health concerns of COVID-19, our producers and Fran Weber of Papermoon Workshop have decided to place our production of The Music Man, Jr. at Blanchard on hold until after April vacation. At that time we will reassess our next rehearsal schedules. For those involved in the cast, keep on practicing lines and singing your songs! Everything you need can be found on the popcorn player website.

For the crew, we will continue to chat about ideas for lighting, sound, marketing, set build, painting, props, and our "modern day" version designs for costumes for the show. Please stay tuned for emails and updates on the popcorn player website too.

I know we are all looking forward to really making this production happen. The good news is that our licensing for the show does last for a year, so worse comes to worse we hold this in the fall some time and the 6th graders are more than welcome to come back too! But, let's hope for a much sooner appearance of our kiddos in this incredible production. Thank you so much for your time, energy and patience. These are indeed trying times for all, and we look forward to connecting in better times soon! Be well.

Best Regards,

Megan Connor, 5th grade producer

Director: Fran Weber

Stage Manager: Camille Smokelin

Costumes: Ashlyn McCammon

Music Director: open

Exec Producer: Chris Brolin

Grd 6 Producer: open

Grd 5 Producer: Megan Connor

Wrangling Lead: Patricia Richter